Magento development services

Magento development services

We are a certified Adobe Partner

As an Adobe Bronze partner, Itransition delivers Magento (now Adobe Commerce) solutions that enable our customers to hit multiple commerce objectives across various verticals. We have our own Magento competency center, so we constantly improve our Magento expertise and accumulate relevant ecommerce knowledge to be able to drive the ROI and viability of our Magento projects.

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Magento customization

Our Magento development experts provide functional and UX/UI customizations with an eye on your specific business flow to help you go beyond the default Magento capabilities. This way you can achieve an advanced level of operational efficiency and maximize the return on your Magento investment.

Custom extensions

Our team can help you adopt custom-built Magento extensions or tweak your existing ones. With our Magento development services, you can expand your current capabilities through functional add-ons without the need to revamp your entire Magento-based solution.

Mobile Magento-based apps

Itransition develops Magento-based mobile applications that can be easily integrated into your ecommerce infrastructure to help you enable an additional sales channel, improve conversions, and boost customer engagement.

  • End-to-end development and implementation
  • Hybrid app development to accelerate time-to-market
  • Mobile app testing
Mobile Magento-based apps

Magento migration and upgrade

Whether you are using some legacy platform or an outdated version of Magento, we can help you move to the newest Magento version to leverage the better UI, advanced functionality, and reduced cost of ownership.

Migrating from another platform

Whether you want to migrate your business from some off-the-shelf or custom platform, our team will help you do it neatly and smoothly. During Magento ecommerce development, we transfer data from your legacy system to Magento and also help ensure that such aspects as security, performance, and flexibility correspond to your unique business requirements.

Upgrading to Adobe Commerce 2

We can upgrade your existing Magento Commerce solution to the latest version of Adobe Commerce 2. Our range of upgrading services includes creating a completely new system, migrating all your data, custom code, themes, and other customizations to the new app, as well as setting up the infrastructure.

Related services

Magento consulting

Magento consulting

We help new and existing Magento solution owners maximize the platform’s value through expert pre-implementation and problem-oriented consulting, drawing up the long-term strategy and addressing all possible bottlenecks on the way.

Ecommerce portals

Our team designs and develops ecommerce-specific web portals that enable convenient product and service management and help establish a ceaseless information flow between all supply chain parties.

Ecommerce CRM

Our certified team integrates Salesforce, Pega, Odoo and custom CRM solutions into ecommerce business operations for enhanced customer data and relationship management.

Ecommerce ERP

We work with platform-based and custom ERP solutions, integrating them seamlessly for ecommerce back-office workflow automation, including supply chain and inventory management.

Magento integration

Itransition helps extend and enhance the performance of Magento solutions by integrating them with any third-party enterprise systems, such as POS, CRM, PIM, ERP, payment gateways, and marketplaces. We will use existing Magento integration extensions and APIs when possible and can develop custom integration solutions that fit your project requirements.





Market- places

Payment gateways


Magento audit and optimization

Magento audit and optimization

We'll conduct a Magento solution audit, identify reasons for budget and time overruns if any, and design an actionable improvement plan to help you refine your running Magento project, automate delivery cycles, and streamline the project management process.

  • Reviewing and optimizing Magento solution based on audit findings
  • Improving your Magento development processes
  • Discovering opportunities to automate your software delivery pipeline
  • Offering recommendations to improve your Magento project management
Magento audit and optimization

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Choose your Magento development model

We offer several engagement models for Magento projects so that you can choose the most appropriate option for your business requirements and objectives.

Project-based Magento development

You can delegate your end-to-end project implementation to Itransition, and our in-house team will take care of all the stages from business analysis to project management, engineering, UX/UI design, testing, and release.

Team extension

If you have a team that you want to augment with Magento developers, you can expand your staff's capabilities and bring in the necessary expertise through Itransition’s involvement to ensure your successful Magento implementation.

A dedicated development team

Based on your business requirements, our Magento development company can build a team of professionals that is integrated into your workflows, has a complete understanding of your business, and ensures continuous Magento support and improvement in the long term.

Magento ecommerce development FAQ

Should I have any technical knowledge about Magento to develop a digital store?

Of course not. You may only have an idea, and we'll provide you with the necessary expertise, skills, tools, and guidance throughout the development process.

Is Magento a good fit for large brands?

Yes, Magento development is relevant for big and established brands since the platform is highly customizable; plus, it supports a great number of integrations. All this provides large brands with tremendous flexibility and speed in adapting to the ever-changing market conditions.