Enterprise mobility

Enterprise mobile application development

Itransition helps enterprises execute on ambitious mobility roadmaps by transforming their business ideas into sizable productivity gains and creating new technology-enabled revenue opportunities.

With Itransition's enterprise mobile application development services, companies empower their field personnel, mobile and travelling employees to be productive and access the resources they need on the mobile device of their choice; connect with mobile customers and enrich business with new services and mobile commerce.

Unified experience

Itransition is proficient in integrating inherently dynamic mobile business processes into enterprise infrastructure. While incorporating improved worker capabilities, we ensure the transition path for users is duly implemented, with no context- and content-specific aspects compromised.

All-round security

With every mobile application delivered, we ensure companies keep their data safe from breaches in corporate-owned and BYOD environments. This is achieved due to implementation of proven, industry-leading end-to-end mobile security, identity and access management technologies.

Seamless integration

We deliver mobile apps that seamlessly plug into the existing IT infrastructure, including numerous back-end systems and mission-critical technologies, as well as communicate with external applications and services, e.g. cloud services and services from partners or suppliers.

The right service at the right time

Mobility roadmap

Enterprise mobile applications are process-specific, often to the extent of business process transformation. We don’t offer pre-built mobility solutions (through we know how to match them with your enterprise needs), we draw on our deep enterprise mobile application development expertise, business process and industry knowledge to help companies understand what truly needs to be built, how to deploy it, and what broader technology decisions need to be made.

Mobile app prototyping

With Itransition, becoming a mobile enterprise is smooth and painless. Our mobile UX prototyping service is aimed at incorporating all stakeholders’ feedback and detecting the most efficient and the least time-consuming way to complete a task. The functionality prototyping service we offer, while requiring minimum investment and development effort, facilitates requirements validation and accurate development cost estimates and justifies efficiency of the full-scale implementation.

Enterprise architecture

Our experienced software architects define mobility enabled enterprise architectures that seamlessly integrate mobile clients with your enterprise systems, with mobile middleware layer facilitating most efficient communication between the two. We carefully consider, among others, aspects like data integration and optimization, application integration and software components reuse, IT environment security and compliance with governance policies.

UI/UX design

With business logic and system back-end prioritized, the usability of enterprise applications is often overlooked. But attention to mobile UX design is key to Itransition: we keep demonstrating that high business impact, adoption rate and employee usage are inherent to those mobile apps whose user experience exposes simplified workload from the very first interaction. Itransition delivers branded user experiences that contribute to user adoption and productivity, considering all aspects of broader enterprise IT infrastructure.

Client- & server-side

Extension of business processes to mobile goes far beyond implementation of mobile interfaces to core business applications. The former need to communicate intensively with data storages and back-end systems which in turn require essential modification and enhancement with mobile middleware and web services.

Deployment planning

Mere deployment of mobile technologies won’t automatically yield the anticipated benefits. Itransition helps enterprises to comprehensively address the mobile transition in a secured environment, along multiple process and technology considerations. We will carefully explore a unique landscape of your enterprise environment to help you truly benefit from mobile technology.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance and testing processes related to mobile solutions are pretty complex due to the diversity of mobile clients out there. There is an extensive pool of mobile devices at Itransition’s disposal, so we can cover substantial segments of device owners. We perform 360-degree testing of both mobile clients and server systems, ensuring unexcelled quality from interoperability/integration, connectivity, performance, security and compatibility perspectives.

Maintenance & support

As soon as your mobile application has been delivered and deployed, there is a need to manage and prolong the lifecycle of this efficiency tool. Itransition provides multi-level 24/7 mobile application support and maintenance services, including user training and environment monitoring. Our enhancement and maintenance offers embrace functionality enhancements and application porting to other mobile platforms.


  • Field force automation
  • Workforce productivity
  • Teamwork & collaboration
  • Executive dashboards
  • Customer engagement
  • mCommerce

All-round mobility enablement

Moving B2B, B2C or B2E enterprise processes, be them collaborative operations, consumer transactions or corporate services, to mobile requires a solid grasp of a range of technologies. That’s exactly what enables Itransition to deliver well-designed, well-engineered and well-integrated solutions


Itransition’s enterprise mobile app development teams have delivered over 150 mobile solutions built on iOS, Android and Windows to enable enterprises arrive at increased worker productivity, faster decision making and better customer service.


Our HTML5 based and cross-platform solutions enable companies achieve the widest coverage of mobile devices with full performance and no functionality trade-offs, all at reduced development costs.


Exposing enterprise application capabilities to mobile app consumption is a matter of web services interoperability. Itransition is proficient in “gluing” technologies at both sides of the enterprise-mobile interactions.

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