Robotic process automation services

Robotic process automation services

Our robotic process automation services

Itransition’s RPA professionals have worked out a comprehensive set of services helping companies introduce time- and cost-saving bots into their workflows with minimal disruption.

Analysis & planning

We assess the current state of your operational workflows to choose the most appropriate RPA deployment approach. Then, we create an RPA implementation roadmap for your specific use case, determine milestones, and outline frameworks and deployment methodology.

Infrastructure setup

Itransition’s engineering team sets up an adequate RPA infrastructure that ensures the stability, interoperability and scalability of the RPA solution.

Bot implementation

Our RPA development company shapes RPA modules into fully fledged systems and seamlessly integrate robots into existing business workflows. We verify that RPA tools are bug-free and perform as intended while also providing training for end-user onboarding.

RPA maintenance

Our RPA specialists provide post-deployment support for our applications, analyzing and fine-tuning RPA tools depending on your current objectives. As your business expands, we help with further RPA integration, helping your business maintain the bots’ maximum operational efficiency in the long term.

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Bots made to fit


Every action taken by our RPA bots is saved into logs, which enables you to have a better control over your operations.


RPA integration implies almost infinite scalability. Your robotic workforce can be instantly doubled when your business calls for production capacity expansion.


Our bots operate mostly in the presentation layer and can be deployed in heavily restricted infrastructures without disrupting the underlying workflows.

Robotic process automation with ‘Human In the Loop’

When complex tasks can’t be fully automated because of numerous exceptions or validations they require, we enable ‘Human In the Loop’ — an efficient approach for long-running workflow automation. Here, robots carry out their assigned tasks while inviting humans to interfere when complex decision-making or delegation is necessary.

Your official UiPath partner

Our RPA experts have been trained and officially certified by UiPath, a leading robotic process automation platform provider. The scope of Itransition’s UiPath certifications includes business analysis, infrastructure engineering, solution architecture, development, pre-sales, and sales. This partnership has solidified Itransition’s expertise in end-to-end RPA deployment that includes both platform-based and custom solutions. Now we use this expertise to help companies alleviate workload, lower overheads, and enhance operational efficiency.

RPA Center of Excellence

Since 2017, Itransition has had the dedicated RPA Center of Excellence, where our teams incubate and design PoCs, test diverse RPA capabilities, and share their experience with each other. This helps us to continuously improve our skills in custom RPA solution development and implementation.

Itransition’s HR automation PoC

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Our RPA solution development expertise

We develop and implement automation systems that raise the reliability of routine business operations while reducing their costs. Our RPA solutions enable organizations to be more agile and free up their workforce’s time for more intellectually intensive and creative tasks.

Our RPA solution development expertise

Data extraction and manipulation

In the scope of our services, we apply various advanced technologies such as OCR, computer vision, document understanding, and custom ML solutions, which take care of data extraction, processing, transferring, and analysis, including automated report generation and calculations.

  • Faster task execution
  • Minimized human errors
  • Compliance ensured

Customer and user support

Our RPA solutions automate customer request processing, incident management, billing queries, and user administration tasks, including those associated with maintaining digital workplace systems.

  • Streamlined query processing
  • Lower time to resolution
  • Better customer and employee satisfaction

Infrastructure monitoring

We develop solutions that automate infrastructure health checks and provide audit trails. Our bots can manage patching and backups, proactively address performance deviations, and alert operators.

  • Infrastructure monitoring optimization
  • Automated backup management
  • System outages prevention

Billing, accounting & claim management

We build custom RPA solutions that help companies automate invoice validation and reconciliation, payments and claim processing, while optimizing cash conversion and streamlining reporting.

  • Reduced operational costs
  • No processing delays
  • More accurate reporting

HR automation

We help HR departments automate candidate database management, search, and CV screening, speed up employee onboarding, and significantly reduce paperwork.

  • Better talent acquisition decisions
  • Faster onboarding
  • Optimized employee experience

Our RPA success stories


faster carrier status updates


faster LMS content migration


person-hours/week saved

Carrier management automation

A global returns management company working with 200+ carrier partners turned to Itransition to streamline their carrier status update process. We implemented an RPA solution that automatically deactivates and reactivates carriers’ availability based on the updated XLS file sent to the bot by an account manager.

Learning content migration

Itransition helped a leading online education company to migrate course and user data from their legacy LMS to a new system. Due to LMS limitations, each file had to be processed separately, so we designed a rule-based migration process that automatically extracted data from each file, converted it to a new format, and transferred to the new LMS.

A data extraction bot

Itransition delivered a custom RPA solution for an international research corporation that needed to parse and aggregate customer, order and transaction data from hundreds of PDF files a day. Our bot performs 12x faster than humans, retaining a 100% data accuracy.

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Business process management

We can also provide RPA consulting and development as part of our business process management services. Our BPM engineers help companies automate workflows, optimize resource spending, and facilitate their digital transformation.

Machine learning

Our machine learning skill set covers advanced RPA as well as custom intelligent solutions that enable image analysis, predictive analytics, next-level personalization, and autonomous machine decision-making.

Computer vision

We extend our robotic process automation development with computer vision, allowing companies to benefit from optical character, image and video recognition that can analyze any type of visual information in real time.

Enterprise content management

Enterprise content management

We design, develop and implement enterprise content management systems, helping organizations automate and speed up document and corporate media management workflows, while maintaining data security.