B2B portal development

B2B portal development

Bringing business partners together

We deliver bespoke B2B portals that facilitate commercial relationships between business partners, help vendors and customers find each other, enable effective self-service, and provide comprehensive support to users.

up to 80%

of B2B decision-makers today would choose remote human interactions or digital self-service over in-person communication


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B2B portal development

How we shape your B2B portal

Our B2B portal development team can supply your web solution with both essential and advanced features for a powerful business-to-business experience.

How we shape your B2B portal

Corporate accounts

We develop business-centered account management features that can mirror various organizational structures and support different user roles and complex relationships within the company and between partners.

  • Flexible account hierarchy
  • Role-based user permissions
  • Customizable user roles and purchasing rights

Enterprise content management

We build bespoke workflows for B2B portals to let you and business users centralize, organize, and securely exchange commercial, logistics and tax documentation. For brand, product or service content, our team can also enable management, sharing and analytics capabilities.

  • Version control
  • Role-based user access
  • Metadata management
  • Search and filtering

Customer support and self-service

We equip B2B portals with sufficient support and self-service options so that users could always get timely assistance on their own terms while you keep track of every user request.

  • Knowledge bases
  • Ticketing systems
  • Self-service capabilities
  • Online communities
  • Live chats

Real-time communication

During B2B portal development, we can embed user-friendly capabilities for live peer-to-peer and group communication to facilitate productive interactions between your company, partners, vendors, and customers.

  • Instant chats
  • Voice and video messaging
  • Forums
  • Video conferencing

Intelligent automation

We offer to leverage our machine learning, NLP, RPA, and computer vision expertise to streamline repetitive, time-consuming backend operations within your B2B portal and make it better aligned with users’ expectations.

For your customers, vendors and partners

Chatbots Recommendation engines Personalization algorithms Biometric authentication, and more

For your portal admins and teams

Data entry and management User segmentation Customer request processing Price optimization, and more

Looking for a reliable B2B portal development company?

Turn to Itransition

Drive seamless B2B service

We create intuitive and partnership-nurturing B2B portals that are easy to manage and maintain through integration with various enterprise systems.

ERP integration

We can tie in your B2B portal with the corporate ERP so that it would reflect the up-to-the-minute availability and status of products and materials across multiple storage locations for real-time inventory visibility.

PIM integration

We can connect your B2B portal with enterprise product information management and other systems holding product data to make sure users always have access to relevant merchandise descriptions without your employees having to update them manually.

CRM integration

To help your sales reps and support agents tailor communication to customers’ needs and requirements, our team can integrate your B2B portal with your enterprise CRM for a 360-degree view of users’ behavior, purchase history and patterns, loyalty program levels, and other details.

We can help you monitor and gauge your B2B portal’s performance and user engagement by integrating the web solution with an enterprise data analytics engine. We can also implement visualization and modeling tools for simplified pattern and trends identification.

B2B portal development on your terms

Whether you want your B2B portal based on a well-reputed platform or built from scratch, Itransition is up to the task.

Build your B2B portal on a platform

We work with the best-in-class portal technologies and can advise you on the one that fully aligns with your requirements and growth plans. Under our B2B portal development offering, we can then implement the platform into your business infrastructure and perform all levels of customization needed.

Get your B2B portal custom-made

Itransition is also fully qualified to develop a proprietary B2B portal from the ground up. Proceeding from your requirements, our team of business analysis, engineers, and designers will lay out and build your signature solution. Post-development, we can embed the portal into your corporate environment and perform necessary configurations for seamless functioning.

Digitize your B2B interactions with a dedicated platform

Get your portal developed by Itransition

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Leveling up your B2B portal

We can help B2B portal owners to keep the current solutions up and running or refine and improve them as needed.


We offer to refurbish your B2B portal and bring it in line with your changed business requirements and user expectations. Our team can re-architecture the portal and refactor its source code, remove any irrelevant features and implement new capabilities, or refresh the antiquated UX/UI while preserving the solution’s identity.


Itransition will move your portal away from a restricting legacy environment to that with a higher capacity. We can implement and configure the new platform, migrate relevant portal data to it, and connect it with other corporate software.


We can take up the job of continuously supporting your B2B portal in perfect conditions. Depending on your needs, our engineers can regularly monitor the portal for issues and fix them, perform system updates and configurations, or timely tackle critical disruptions and incidents.

User support

We are well-equipped to provide first-line support to your B2B portal customers and partners. Our service offer includes processing user queries and answering their questions, handling basic problems and escalating more complex issues to support, and assisting with back-office tasks.

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B2B portals: your questions answered

I need a B2B portal aligned with my industry specifics. Can you make it happen?

We can implement a set of industry-specific features into your B2B portal to ensure it fully accommodates your business needs and resonates with the target audience.

How mobile-friendly will my B2B portal be?

Depending on your requirements, we can build a B2B portal optimized for mobile devices or develop a separate mobile app mirroring the web solution’s functionality.

Can a B2B portal support my business growth?

We put scalability at the forefront during your B2B portal design so that it could handle the increase of user count and traffic or the extension of functionality without faltering.

How about assuring my customers’ data security?

We will follow cybersecurity best practices during B2B portal development to reinforce your solution with robust protection mechanisms for business and user data.