Big data services

Big data services

Big data opportunities for your business

Itransition delivers business-oriented big data solutions to help your organization make the most of its data assets. Take a look at some of our projects to get an idea of their potential impact on your corporate performance.

A fashion retail recommendation system


visitor-to-buyer conversion

A vehicle manufacturing cloud BI system


higher system throughput

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Holistic big data services

Itransition provides full-cycle big data services, covering each step required to transform raw data into a competitive advantage for your business.

Holistic big data services

Data strategy consulting

We offer our multidisciplinary expertise to help you figure out how big data can be leveraged to achieve your business goals. Together, we will frame your requirements, select the best use cases and orchestrate suitable solutions to turn data into value.

  • Use case identification
  • Big data roadmap
  • Technology advisory

Data management

We select proper data sources, collect raw data, transform and store it in the data warehouses and data lakes we set up for this purpose. Then, we carefully audit and re-engineer your datasets to cleanse them and made them fit for further processing.

  • Data quality analysis
  • ETL process setup
  • Data backup and disaster recovery

Data processing

We set up your dataset processing with algorithms for identifying recurring patterns among variables and building data models representing such relations. These models will provide you with valuable insights into the dynamics behind relevant phenomena.

  • Data modeling
  • Data segmentation and clustering
  • Anomaly detection

Data visualization

We combine our offer in big data services with effective data visualization solutions which translate your datasets into intuitive analytical interfaces such as dashboards, facilitating the identification and interpretation of business trends.

  • Data storytelling
  • Role-based storyboards
  • Customizable dashboards

Strategic impact of our big data services

Itransition will help you realize the full potential of your big data assets, grasping valuable insights to streamline your business processes, enhance corporate security, and strengthen your customer relationships.

Operational efficiency
Data access democratization
Real-time data streaming and analysis
Process visibility
Supply chain optimization
Customer acquisition and retention
Recommendation systems
Market trend forecasting
Purchase patterns analysis
Contextual communication
Risk identification and mitigation
Fraud detection
Predictive maintenance
Streamlined KYC

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Our big data competencies

Itransition draws from a wide range of big data-related technologies and disciplines to build high-impact solutions tailored to your business needs and requirements.

Data science

Data science

Itransition's data scientists accurately select potential data sources, gather and clean big data sets, and process them with algorithms and statistical models to extract valuable insights, helping you establish far-reaching strategies for your business.

Business intelligence

We will help you set up a roadmap to enhance your data management and analytics and provide you with a custom or platform-based BI solution built on top of Tableau, Qlik, or Power BI.

Machine learning

Our experts design, train, and deploy machine learning systems powered by neural networks to process data and spot recurring patterns or anomalies, allowing you to better plan business scenarios and enhance your decision-making.

Artificial intelligence

We leverage the symbiotic relationship between big data and artificial intelligence, using data to train and deploy AI-based cognitive solutions to harvest data from multimedia content and other unstructured data sources.

Cloud computing

Itransition delivers cloud solutions on top of AWS, Microsoft, and Google Cloud to support your data mining capabilities, streamline the training of your machine learning-based systems, protect your company from cyberattacks, and more.

Safe and reliable big data solutions

At Itransition, we deliver big data services aiming to ensure top performance and reliability while keeping an eye on security, compliance, usability, and governance.

Data governance

Itransition helps your company to adopt best practices and internal policies required to properly manage and protect your corporate data with the help of enterprise data catalogs, data quality notification systems, data mapping solutions, and more.


Itransition's big data solutions are developed to strictly comply with data management quality standards and current legislation, including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and other applicable regulations.


We follow the best cybersecurity standards to create hacker-proof big data solutions, helping your organization protect your data assets with the help of data encryption and authentication systems, data backup infrastructures, and analytics-based risk management solutions.

Buy-in and support

Our big data services are not limited to providing technology solutions but include staff training and ongoing support to ensure progressive implementation and reassure your stakeholders with incremental results.