Itransition becomes an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner

Itransition becomes an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner

April 29, 2019

Press Office


London, UK, April 29, 2019 – Itransition, a global software vendor, has confirmed its Atlassian Gold Partner status by successfully passing the Atlassian certification and accreditation process, as well as by virtue of sales volume compliance of Atlassian solutions. The achieved status proves the company’s technological expertise and experience in working with Atlassian products, as well as its commitment to delivering value to customers.

Having become an Atlassian Silver Solution Partner last year, Itransition went through the assessment process in order to achieve the new status. All the company’s accredited experts completed the sales and technical learning paths within Atlassian Enablement Academy and passed the necessary certification and accreditation exams.

Itransition has been continuously mastering Atlassian products, ranging from Jira to Confluence, since 2007, and offers tools, solutions, and services to help organize teamwork in an efficient way. The company provides expert assistance in adopting Atlassian products, from advanced Atlassian product knowledge transfer, product configuration and customization to implementation and support services for the entire Atlassian technology stack. Working with both existing and potential users of Atlassian solutions, Itransition renders assistance in working with almost any Atlassian setup, be it all-round business processes audit and user training or performance tuning, custom setups migration, development, and 24/7 maintenance. As an Atlassian Partner, Itransition can not only customize Atlassian solutions but also sell and implement Atlassian products to a wide range of customers.

Having realized a large number of Atlassian projects, Itransition helps customers review their existing business processes and workflows, and define and mitigate possible performance issues. The company also addresses customers’ needs in the development of custom Atlassian solutions, such as apps, custom fields, dashboards, and reports, as well as helps build or automate business processes around most Atlassian products. Itransition assists in configuration and deployment for the Atlassian product line, automating any workflow, and recommends the optimum Atlassian stack, user tier, and hardware configuration considering potential scalability. On top of that, Itransition has gained vast experience in solution integration and migration, and provides Atlassian product integration with most software, including apps, external databases, and third-party services, as well as helps move Atlassian tools and their custom components and data from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, and vice versa.

Itransition also builds full-cycle DevOps infrastructure, from project planning and operation management to continuous integration, deployment, and feedback, with any third-party tools integrated. There are many completed maintenance and support projects under the company’s belt, with L1-L3 support and 24/7 monitoring provided. Itransition’s Atlassian offerings also include extensive user and admin training services, providing best practices and expert guidance.

As a huge fan of Atlassian’s products and overall philosophy for a long time, I was very excited when we joined Atlassian Solution Partner Program as a Silver Partner last year and got even more excited when we achieved the new status in less than a year. Now, as an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, we are happy to provide our customers with a wider range of solutions, deeper expertise and flexible terms of cooperation.

Mike Rukavishnikov

Mike Rukavishnikov

Head of Itransition’s Atlassian division