Continuously mastering Atlassian products since 2007 and JIRA v. 3.12, Itransition offers a full stack of related services. From process engineering and hardware selection, we configure, customize and deploy any Atlassian setup, and integrate it into your IT infrastructure.

We help with existing Atlassian instances as well – from all-round profiling, bottleneck identification and performance tuning to custom setups migration, 24/7 maintenance and L1-L3 support. We also take care of people offering user and admin training along with related documentation development.

& deployment
& upgrade
& support
User & admin

Atlassian stack

  • Project schemes setup
  • Custom plug-ins development
  • Third-party plugins setup
  • Task tracking process audit, optimization & automation
  • Custom task lifecycle implementation
  • Service Desk implementation
  • Custom frontend solutions with Jira as backend
  • REST API functionality extensions
  • Build & deployment plans setup
  • Custom plugin development
  • Code tracking process setup (branching, triggers, etc.)
  • Two-way AD integration
  • SSO setup
  • Custom user management schemes implementation

Custom development

60+ plugins

We deliver custom plugins that help you go beyond JQL queries, and let you target specifically selected user groups with custom notifications. Or get your Atlassian instance two-way integrated with any third-party APIs, enabling Atlassian entities create calendar events, change active directory fields and vice versa. We also build custom handlers to allow third-party solutions to transition JIRA tasks, and many more.

25+ custom fields

We help you tailor Atlassian products to your needs by creating custom project-specific or company-specific fields of various types – from texts and numbers to dates and durations. The custom fields we create keep the nativity and permissions, and help you organize, search and filter throughout all your projects. We build custom fields that can be populated from any data source, be it an SQL database or REST API.

30+ dashboards & reports

We implement data pre-processing to make your dashboards run faster, and help you create dynamic charts and dashboards by applying third-party charting libraries. We build custom reports in multiple categories – from project and portfolio to performance management, that support default and custom fields, and can be exported to various formats, including PDF and many others.

Data vizualization

Full-Cycle DevOps Enablement

From project planning and operations management to continuous integration, deployment and feedback, we build full-cycle DevOps infrastructures with Atlassian tools at heart and any third-party tools integrated, if necessary. We start with analyzing and optimizing your software delivery processes with all your peculiarities in mind – from allowed downtime to geographical distribution of teams and servers. And yes, we have the experience of making it even through the Great Firewall of China.

Staging US Prod US Staging EU Prod EU Staging HK Prod HK

Process Engineering & Automation

We deliver Atlassian-based process engineering and automation services based on our domain expertise of automating ITIL and other IT-specific and non-IT processes. If your core service or product relies on any Atlassian product, we help you build and automate the rest of your business processes around it.

We implement decision-support functionality to help you deliver effective services and products, provide you with detailed views of your processes and their dependencies with diagnostic data, performance information, and actionable intelligence and knowledge.

Service Desk

  • Incident management
  • User self-service
  • Knowledge management
  • Configuration management
  • Service level management
  • Service desk performance
  • Automated rules & triggers
  • Benchmarking
  • Dev and IT integration

Talent Management

  • Strategic employee planning
  • Talent acquisition & retention
  • Employee performance
  • Learning & motivating
  • Compensation
  • Career development
  • Succession planning
  • Employee self-service
  • Information management


We help move your Atlassian tools, their custom components and data from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, and vice versa.

From Server to Cloud

When there is significant growth ahead, we migrate your Atlassian instances to cloud to enable the flexibility of morphing your deployment at will, starting right on a smaller scale, and then scaling from there. We offer assistance with restricted functions in cloud applications, even with those marked as “can't be configured by Atlassian Support” (e.g. workflow migration, LDAP integration, etc.)

From Cloud to Server

When you must demonstrate physical control over data at all times, an on-premise paradigm might be the only option. Our team can migrate your Atlassian instances from any cloud to ensure the compliance with the data sovereignty practices. While migrating, we prevent feature, data and native cloud integration losses that are possible since the Atlassian Cloud apps are usually ahead of the latest downloadable versions.