Itransition confirms Microsoft Solutions Partner status in Data & AI and Digital & App Innovation

Itransition confirms Microsoft Solutions Partner status in Data & AI and Digital & App Innovation

May 5, 2023

Press Office


Itransition proved the company’s technical expertise within the updated Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.

A Microsoft partner since 2008, Itransition has been continuously leveraging Microsoft tools on multiple projects, driving customer success. This year we have once again confirmed our Microsoft expertise while having undergone a new process of validating our capabilities.

Embracing the current market environment and challenges, partnerships evolve too. The recent changes in the partner program are inspired by the end-client growing need to create new experiences and take on digital transformation opportunities. The partnership updates that Microsoft introduced enable customers to benefit from more agility and initiatives brought within such solution areas as AI, digital innovation, business apps, security, and more. Partners have access to commercial marketplace opportunities, including cloud credits, developer tools, software licenses, and other Microsoft resources. Customers, in their turn, can be sure that their solution providers get all the necessary training, education, and expert help to supply them with cost-effective offers and meet their expectations.

As of now, Microsoft Cloud Partner Program offers two qualification levels and six Solutions Partner designations. Microsoft evaluates each solution area according to scores calculated across three categories, counting performance, customer success, and skilling. The performance category assesses how partners can scale to meet the rising customer needs, growing both their and Microsoft’s client base. The customer success category determines companies’ capability of increasing the usage of Microsoft products or services and workloads leveraged by customers. Last but not least, the skilling category evaluates partners’ skills by calculating the number of certified specialists within the organization.

Itransition proved its expertise in accordance with all the new partner program requirements and successfully demonstrated its capabilities as a Microsoft Solution Partner in two areas, Data & AI (Azure) and Digital & App Innovation (Azure). In line with the scoring framework, Itransition confirmed we provide our clients with high-quality services backed by customer growth and 20+ employee certification exams. Our company leverages the know-how and tools provided by Microsoft, including Azure Cloud Services. We have delivered hundreds of Azure projects, including multi-faceted on-demand implementations, infrastructure setup, migration to Azure, application optimization, etc., thus having contributed to the success of our customers. 

Itransition continuously invests in advancing our partnerships with technology vendors in general and Microsoft in particular. By doing so, we expand our capabilities to create value for our customers, build trustworthy relations with them, and grow both our and their businesses. We are glad to carry on delivering Microsoft-based innovative solutions tailored to our customers’ needs, adding to their overall success.