SaaS development

SaaS development

Streamlined SaaS application development

Itransition applies its profound technical and creative expertise to help businesses streamline processes with SaaS solutions, be it a brand new app or a specific functional module. Our SaaS products are built to scale and underpin digital transformation, giving their owners a competitive edge.

SaaS consulting

Cooperating closely with our clients, Itransition’s consultants build SaaS product development strategies that address real-life business challenges as well as latent needs. We advise on the tech stack most suitable for translating the client’s vision into a competitive product.

SaaS prototyping and design

Product design is an integral part of our SaaS platform development offering. We design attractive UIs that build upon smooth and intuitive user experiences. We develop prototypes in order to test concepts and usability on real users and further improve user flows and information architecture.

SaaS app development

Our team creates secure, scalable and user-centric SaaS products based on reliable cloud infrastructures. We also develop and implement API, customization and integration strategies. If needed, we optimize existing SaaS products through maintenance and support.

Migration to SaaS

We can re-architecture your on-premises solution into a SaaS environment or move your existing SaaS app to a different technology without the risks of data loss or performance drop. We will additionally ensure that the migrated app is well-integrated with the systems behind your established business processes.

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SaaS solutions for every business model

As a SaaS application development company, Itransition helps businesses from various industries depart from their legacy systems in order to adopt the game-changing SaaS approach by means of solutions built specifically for their business models.


Our custom SaaS products for B2B companies are built to be flexible, user-centric, and highly adaptable to market fluctuations. To boost the solution’s efficiency and optimize its operation for end users, we automate critical and routine processes, unify data as well as integrate services on-demand.


By developing B2C-focused SaaS apps, we provide the tools for reaching customers via multiple channels and building personalized customer journeys. We integrate necessary services, automate data management, and deliver straightforward and device-agnostic UIs.


We build SaaS ecosystems for this hybrid business model to connect our clients with their partners as well as end users. We create the foundation for accumulating and categorizing data from different sources, set up analytics and reporting, and integrate third-party services, such as payment gateways, call centers, and more.

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Web portal development

Web portal development

Experienced web engineers, we create platform-based and custom web portals for employees, customers, and partner networks with attention to usability, scalability, and security.

Mobile app development

We complement web solutions with fully synced mobile applications, as well as developing independent mobile solutions, native, cross-platform, or hybrid.

Machine learning

We make use of our broad stack of machine learning frameworks and tools to augment solutions with intelligent capabilities that offer more value to end users.

IoT development

From consulting to implementation, we provide a full scope of enterprise and consumer IoT software development, to help you enhance your products and services through the power of connected devices.


We design and implement immersive digital products so that consumers, students, and professionals can benefit from more interactive and memorable experiences.

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Our SaaS tech stack

As a SaaS development company, Itransition professionally leverages a suite of frontend, backend, DevOps, infrastructure and database tools to deliver competitive SaaS products tailored to our clients’ requirements.