.NET development

.NET development

.NET consulting and development services

Our team of Microsoft-certified .NET developers expertly leverages the omni-platform capabilities of .NET and the well-maintained ecosystem of Microsoft developer tools to build specialized as well as multi-purpose solutions.

Custom .NET development

We make use of our extensive .NET development background to build cross-platform web, mobile, desktop, cloud and IoT apps. To increase their scalability and maintainability, we resort to microservices-based engineering. We also offer .NET tech consulting services that extend to the selection of an optimal combination of .NET tools and libraries.

.NET integration

We leverage the high integration capacity of .NET to provide barrier-free and secure communication between Microsoft solutions and third-party services and applications, enabled via custom message-oriented middleware and APIs. Our .NET development services cover code re-engineering for integrating legacy backend systems with newer solutions.

Porting and migration

To enable cross-platform compatibility of enterprise solutions, our developers port them to and between .NET frameworks. We assess portability of the system, work around incompatible components, and refactor unportable elements. We also enhance existing .NET apps’ productivity by migrating them to a more modern environment, using cloud technologies and microservices.

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Our .NET developers’ fields of expertise

Our developers choose .NET and its multi-purpose extensions when it comes to building apps that are configured for scalability and exceptional performance whether they target mobile platforms, connected ecosystems, cloud environments, or intelligent systems.

Cloud computing
Cloud computing

Itransition’s team develops cloud-based apps on major cloud platforms using .NET, as well as scales existing .NET apps by moving them to the cloud. We can pursue different cloud deployment scenarios, be it public, private or hybrid clouds. When needed, we opt for building .NET code into Docker containers, which facilitates cloud deployments.