Data visualization services

Data visualization services

Full-spectrum data visualization consulting

Itransition provides high-impact data visualization services to unlock the knowledge hidden in your data and facilitate your decision-making, delivering and fine-tuning bespoke solutions or enhancing your pre-existing platform.

We help you:

Custom visualization solutions
Custom visualization solutions

Frame your business requirements and define proper use cases Develop a tailored data visualization platform from scratch

Data visualization reengineering
Data visualization reengineering

Assess your pre-existing data visualization solution Upgrade your previous tool with additional features Rearchitecture or replatform it if needed

Data visualization software maintenance
Data visualization software maintenance

Keep your platform fine-tuned and highly performant at all times Continuously improve it through new features, quality assurance, and user support

Create an efficient BI solution to boost your data management and analytics Equip it with intuitive data visualization features

Our data visualization services in practice

Check out how Itransition's data visualization solutions can bring relevant benefits to your business by reforging data into a competitive advantage.

Digital campaign optimization solution


fewer missed benchmarks

Digital campaign optimization solution

We provided a leading digital media company with an analytics solution featuring dynamic benchmark dashboards to monitor and forecast the results of their ad campaigns.

Risk management software

15 seconds

time to create a report, down from 7 days

We helped a global provider of risk management software update their flagship platform, enhancing it with a Power BI-based reporting automation feature and a real-time graphical dashboard.

Fashion retail BI platform


more user behavior data collected

We developed a BI solution for an ecommerce fashion company to gather customer behavior data and translate it into visual dashboards, ensuring superior analytics and effective marketing campaigns.

Leverage our solutions to seize value from your data

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How you benefit from data visualization

Turn numbers into insights

Our custom data visualization software will translate endless spreadsheets into comprehensive, insightful dashboards, visual reports, charts, and other types of data representation.

Spot patterns and trends

Itransition's solutions facilitate the identification and interpretation of customer behavioral patterns, market trends, and other business-related phenomena.

Upgrade your decision-making

We will help your decision-makers to upscale their strategic capabilities, integrating data visualization tools into your business-critical systems such as ERP, CRM, and HRMS.

Enhance your storytelling

We design our solutions keeping in mind the core elements of the data storytelling methodology to ensure user-friendly and narrative-driven data interaction, sharing, and understanding.

What you can do with data visualization

Visualizing data represents a potential game-changer in a wide variety of scenarios. Here's just a brief selection of the use cases in which our data visualization services can come to your aid and amplify your company’s data analytics capabilities.

What you can do with data visualization
  • Monitor corporate revenues and expenses for optimal budget planning
  • Probe employee data to enhance your HR processes and talent management
  • Keep track of all relevant KPIs to streamline your corporate workflows
  • Highlight market trends to optimize your company’s supply chain
  • Observe customer behavior to fine-tune marketing campaigns
  • Identify different customer segments for targeted sales
  • Analyze customer sentiment to improve the quality of your offer
  • Pinpoint major demand drivers to set up cross-selling and upselling strategies
  • Facilitate KYC analysis to ensure safer business relationships
  • Analyze market fluctuations to spot or predict potential financial risks
  • Scan user behavioral patterns to detect signs of fraud and cybercrime
  • Examine your equipment operation to forecast upcoming faults and enhance maintenance

Rely on Itransition’s expertise to visualize your data

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Challenge-free data visualization solutions

Itransition’s data visualization services help your organization overcome some of the most challenging implications of data management, ensuring superior accessibility, reliability, and usability of data-driven insights.

Personalization by user role
We build highly adaptive data visualization solutions that allow each business unit and team to tailor their own dashboards, such as through personalized templates or storyboards, according to their specific needs, roles, and data access levels.
Data democratization
Itransition promotes data democratization allowing non-technical staff to access data with self-service BI and NLP data querying. We can also set up a data governance framework to establish how data will be shared across your organization, reflecting your corporate security policies.
Data reliability
Itransition's experts will take care of assessing your corporate data assets, reorganizing and cleaning them if required, and integrating them with additional data sets acquired from external sources.
Visual clarity and consistency
Our data visualization tools are designed to generate consistent, intuitive reports, avoiding excessive visual elements as well as any data oversimplification that might lead your decision-makers to overlook relevant variables and draw erroneous assumptions.