SaaS Solution for Payable Automation

The customer aimed to launch an online billing management service to assist companies in optimizing their accounting processes.



A large number of organizations across the globe have to spend a massive amount of time on such mundane routines like financial accounting, struggling to streamline their billing processes and internal financial documentation flows. Traditionally associated with loads of paperwork, accounting management is an expense-heavy segment of corporate operations requiring significant number of people to be involved in billing operations.

The customer, a US-based pioneer in Software-as-a-Service accounts payable solutions, aimed to launch an online billing management service to assist companies in optimizing their accounting processes. The solution, a SaaS .Net-based application, was to provide organizations with stronger control and visibility over the entire transaction lifecycle by delivering insight into the cash flow and financial liabilities, while integrating with several remote Purchase-to-Pay solutions.

The customer was looking for an experienced long-term offshore technological partner who would provide functional uplift of the application, suggest and implement performance improvements together with caching strategies.


Enhanced Functionality

Itransition successfully implemented the requested interactivity and modules significantly enhancing the application with a host of advanced features. The solution, accessible through a revamped user-friendly easy-to-use dashboard interface, utilizes the latest web oriented technologies to enable end-to-end automation of the following processes:

  • Invoice entering;
  • Invoice distribution among designated authorities via customizable approval routes (with conditional rules applied, ability to reassign bills among routes in-between, additional global thresholds set to address business rules of various subscribers);
  • Invoice authorization with a signature;
  • Batch processing of approved invoices;
  • Report generation for end-clients and operational staff;
  • Vendor portal access for payees to track approval and payment progress;
  • Approval chain configuration and automation.

Serving hundreds of thousands of payees and managing millions of bills per client, the solution provides for lower invoice processing costs, shorter cycle times, increased visibility and access to a greater variety of reports on demand. The solution also meets the Global Ledger coding standard which is created to efficiently handle financial and business information contained within an organization.


Web Technologies

The delivered SaaS application is built using MS .NET technology and runs on IIS 6-7 application server. Other technologies underlying the solution include: AJAX Control Toolkit providing a powerful infrastructure to write reusable, customizable and extensible ASP.NET AJAX extenders, as well as Telerik RadControls along with a wide array of UI controls enabling interactive web experience.

DB Data Structuring, Caching and Logging

ADO.NET data services with SubSonic ORM were used to craft a cohesively structured application with a fast and flexible data access layer. MS Enterprise Library (Caching Block) and log4net simplified the application development process notably enhancing the logging and common caching functionality.

Builds Assembling

msbuild, Hudson and Rake tools facilitated the build assembling process ensuring on-time availability for each application version testing.

Automated Testing, ATDD Approach

Itransition’s testing engineers used NUnit as a unit testing framework with Selenium tool employed for test automation. The collaboration among the developers, testers, and analysts was organized in line with the Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) practices to produce stable working versions of the application within continuous integration workflow.

Extensible Reporting

The Reporting module utilizes Telerik Reporting and SAP Crystal Reports capabilities to provide precise and detailed reports extensible and configurable on user request.

The solution workflow

Development Performance Evaluation

Itransition team’s software engineering skills and technology competence were test-driven during a pilot project evolving around a set of use cases that had to be implemented exactly within one week’s time. Deeply satisfied with the software engineering proficiency level sought after, the customer further engaged the team in a full-scale project implementation.

Migration Process

The legacy application did not provide the required scalability and flexibility level to respond to increasing market demand. The team carried out migration of the old solution to a new architecture relying on an innovative technology stack, which ensured outstanding performance capabilities. The Itransition software engineers investigated the legacy code, decompiled the modules and thoroughly studied the existing application to understand the functional interaction specifics.