Legal Reference Information Web Portal Support

Itransition performed an establishing the process of customer support and employee training for a legal information distribution business


Our Customer, UrSpectr, is an established regional business creating, maintaining and distributing one of the most popular legal reference information solutions that allows for searching relevant documents throughout a huge database of legal and regulatory acts. Operating since 1998, the Customer’s client base currently numbers 20 000+ companies.

The Customer’s company first offered an offline solution, but then decided to go online to get rid of certain limitations desktop information solutions have. Itransition team developed a legal reference information portal,, — an online system for accountants, lawyers and business owners.

The web solution was created from scratch, currently containing around 350 000 documents — from working guidelines to government resolutions, and is currently serving 25 000+ users. In the effort to ensure positive user experience, especially for those who previously used the desktop version, the Customer chose Itransition to establish the customer support process and create a knowledge base for their in-house support team.


The system monitoring is performed with the help of Zabbix, enterprise-level software for real-time tracking a variety of metrics from different platforms. The parameters that are checked and utilized both for ad hoc reaction and preventive maintenance include.

Server availability and availability of the application’s home page with real-time notifications that are manually checked and verified by auxiliary metrics:


Server data (% of processor load, task queues, etc.):

Server data

Availability of the additional environments (stage, test) and services (i.e. billing):

Additional elements

Disk space availability - we integrated GrayLog with automated alerts initiated by triggers – yellow (<25% free disk space), orange (<15%), red (<5%). For each “color”, there is a specific escalation path and reaction time.

Disk space availability


Within a week, Itransition support and maintenance specialists launched the first line of user support to help external and internal end users with the newly delivered .We also initiated support knowledge base development, and set up 24/7 automated monitoring, preventive maintenance activities. Our support team was also in charge of supporting updates delivery process and infrastructure.

We started with receiving and processing user requests as well as the monitoring system alerts that we had launched as well. As the project progressed, we gradually filled in the knowledge base and provided employee training for the Customer’s internal team.


Itransition specialists trained the Customer’s team, and now they can eliminate problems having been notified on the system performance. Thus, end users get better experience working with the Customer’s solution.

As a result, the Customer got a fully functioning first line of client support and now the company can take care of any system issue without the help of a 3rd party.