Office 365 implementation

We help you choose an optimal Office 365 toolset and reshape your IT infrastructure to align it with the Office 365 requirements. We also design and tune custom enterprise solutions on top of Office 365 and set them up according to your business processes, collaboration needs, and employees’ working style.

Migration to Office 365

We assist you in moving your solutions and content to Office 365 securely using manual and automated migration methods. We help you migrate from any version of SharePoint, as well as third-party server- or cloud-based systems. We also optimize your migrated solutions and adapt them to Office 365 standards.


  • Consulting

    The goal of Office 365 consulting is to marry the cloud platform capabilities with your corporate collaboration ecosystem. We define the most suitable Office 365 features for a newly launched subscription or assist you in extending an up-and-running solution as your business grows. Additionally, we handle Office 365 adoption challenges and elaborate a long-term Office 365 roadmap.

  • Custom development

    We design, deploy and enhance any type of custom Office 365 solution. Coupling traditional development methods with modern capabilities of the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), we handle 360-degree redesign of Office 365 components and develop custom SharePoint add-ins, multistage workflows, custom templates for SharePoint team, communication, and hub sites, custom chatbots for Microsoft Teams, and more.

  • Integration

    We create custom connectors and combine them with the Microsoft Graph capabilities to integrate Office 365 with third-party on-premises and cloud platforms and solutions. Office 365 integration is what helps us to enable a consistent collaboration experience across your enterprise applications, minimize users’ effort on switching between different systems, and ensure your corporate content homogeneity.

  • Customization

    Combining our SharePoint consulting expertise and knowledge of cloud platforms, we set up your cloud tenant and tune the Office 365 deployment according to your organization’s specifics. We configure the platform in line with your IT infrastructure landscape, adapt it to team collaboration patterns and your brand guidelines, as well as make it user-friendly and powerful on all corporate devices.

  • Support

    We take care of your custom Office 365 solutions built either by our team or by a third-party vendor. We offer flexible support options to provide you with both request-based services and permanent maintenance of your implementation. Our Office 365 consultants and developers control that your deployment keeps in step with the platform functional and security updates, thus guaranteeing their stable operation and permanent protection.

  • Training

    Dealing with an array of Office 365 applications and custom solutions can be a great challenge for both end users and IT specialists. To help different user groups utilize Office 365, we carry out on-site and online training sessions for Office 365 admins, developers, and business users. Additionally, we provide recommendations on the platform’s further customization in line with the Microsoft rules and your Office 365 roadmap.

Office 365 security

We help you establish a resistant Office 365 environment that ensures protected internal and external collaboration. We focus on major tiers of Office 365 security, including threat management, mobile device management, data loss prevention, and data governance to guarantee that your corporate information and customer data are stored and shared securely.

Office 365 compliance

We ensure that your solution operates in line with corporate policies, industry requirements, and international regulations, including HIPAA/HITECH, PCI-DSS, SOX, FISMA, GDPR, and other standards. We help you implement relevant compliance methodologies and ensure their operability as long as you run the Office 365 subscription.

Office 365 solutions

We believe that professional maintenance and support is the right way to reduce software system TCO and ensure useful improvements and optimization steps. This is not only about availability of single units and modules it is about making sure that the entire IT-infrastructure is cost-effective and runs smoothly and reliably.

Office 365 collaboration

Our Office 365 consulting team help you establish a powerful collaboration ecosystem that absorbs the functional capabilities of SharePoint Online, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Planner, Outlook, and other productivity apps. We help you define suitable usage scenarios for different Office 365 collaboration tools and customize them according to the needs and preferences of your internal and external users.

  • External collaboration
  • Corporate intranets
  • Document management
  • Enterprise content management

Office 365 digital workplace

Apart from enterprise-wide collaboration areas, your employees need their workplaces to manage individual activities. With this in mind, we come up with a concept of an Office 365 digital workplace and help you implement it within the enterprise. We use an array of available Office 365 features as well as custom solutions to deliver private digital workplaces for your teams, departments, or particular employees.

  • Business process automation
  • Knowledge management
  • Enterprise search
  • Project management

Microsoft 365

Apart from bringing the advantages of Office 365 to organizations, we also help businesses set up and successfully run their Microsoft 365 subscriptions that embrace Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility and Security. Turning to Itransition as a Microsoft 365 company, you can get a full pack of consulting and development services, including the suite’s implementation, customization, integration, and ongoing maintenance.