Itransition renews high positions in the 2021 Zinnov Zones

Itransition renews high positions in the 2021 Zinnov Zones

December 1, 2021

Press Office


The results of the annual Zinnov Zones ranking have been published, containing a study of 50+ software vendors working in the field of Engineering R&D. Itransition achieved solid positions among the providers in fifteen categories, such as E R&D SMB providers; Digital Engineering; AI and AI/ML Engineering; Automotive; Consumer Software; Banking, Financial Services and Insurance; Software Platform Engineering; Medical Devices; Telemedicine; IoT Technology Services; and Telehealth.

Zinnov is an international consulting and strategic advisory collaborating with clients to provide data- and insight-driven value through customer-centric strategies. They are global advisers to C-level executives and enterprises in Globalization and Global Talent, Digital Engineering, and Transformative Technologies. Zinnov Zones is their annual ranking that helps leaders benchmark reliable providers from the Product Engineering, Digital Services, and IoT segments.

The provider evaluation process includes RFIs and detailed interviews with vendors and their customers with a subsequent rating of providers in each segment for their overall performance and relevant experience. The steps involved in achieving the final Zinnov Zones rating include classifying the company and vertical-specific data points from RFIs and assigning weights to dimensions and data points using the AHP model. The next step includes extracting all data points from RFIs and mapping ratings on the scale. Eventually, based on the calculations from all the previous steps, companies are given the final rating.

Itransition has been ranked by Zinnov Zones since 2018, constantly going up the scale in different categories. We are currently positioned in the Leadership Zone among Small and Medium Service providers and Execution Zone for the Internet of Things Technology Services (Overall) and Telemedicine. In preparation for vendor briefings, Itransition collaborated with clients and teams from our projects in custom software development. Our clients participated in interviews, giving positive reviews of the provided services.

In 2021, Zinnov introduced geography-based rankings. Itransition managed to secure a position in those rankings right away, placed in E R&D Services – US and E R&D Services – Software Cybersecurity. The 2021 rating and the list of Itransition’s current rankings in Zinnov Zones are available on the Zinnov Zones website.

We are honored to receive recognition from independent analysts, which allows our clients to be confident in our competencies and determination to provide high-quality services to our clients.