Itransition and AiBUY are recognized in IAOP’s Excellence in Strategic Partnerships program

Itransition and AiBUY are recognized in IAOP’s Excellence in Strategic Partnerships program

August 4, 2021

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Itransition and AiBUY made it to the 2021 Excellence in Strategic Partnerships list, launched by IAOP and recognizing organizations for exceptional collaboration, innovation, and outcomes.

Itransition, a global software engineering company, and AiBUY, a US industry leader of shoppable video and media, were selected for inclusion in the Excellence in Strategic Partnerships recognition. The new program was launched in 2020 by IAOP, honoring organizations for demonstrating excellence in collaborative problem solving, impact of the innovation, outcome and resulting value achieved.

Together with Itransition, AiBUY developed an innovative, interactive, and scalable video-based ecommerce platform that uses patented overlay technologies, neural networks, machine learning, and computer vision. Itransition helped AiBUY solve the technological challenge of transforming patented ideas into scalable, flexible products popular on the market using the latest technology and security stack. Itransition’s team is responsible for the product development vision, including both development and processes, where AiBUY generates new ideas, and Itransition offers the most cost- and time-effective options to realize them.

The created product has an innovative nature with overlay technologies at its heart, used in video, images, 3D, 2D, and augmented reality content. AiBUY Overlay, the proprietary technology developed by the partnership transforms consumer culture, making it media-based, frictionless, and real-time, blurring the line between entertainment and commerce. The solution empowers users to receive information and purchase products/services right in the media without leaving or pausing it. Besides purchases, the overlay technology offers users a plethora of consumer information about the product or service sold, without leaving the media being viewed, merging commerce, education, entertainment, and consumer rights.

During the collaboration, which continues to this day, Itransition organized long-term planning processes to predict deliverables, reach business goals, and select the right strategy required to execute against those goals. The company overhauled the product delivery processes of AiBUY by introducing SDLC automation and solid DevOps practices. Further, Itransition introduced a full-featured retrospective analysis to implement project ideas through fast on-demand product delivery, while solving technical and process bottlenecks by getting rid of years of technical debt.

The main resulting value created is an innovative working product that was finally successfully released after years of development and acquisition of real users. Besides faster release deployment time and 2.5x higher productivity, other achievements of the partnership are 30% better employee motivation, 70% faster time to market, 50% productivity increase, 75% defect reduction, 25% increase in client satisfaction, and 50% improved delivery predictability. The delivered solution is already used in many industries, changing the way consumers interact with media.

True collaboration is an essential component of any successful partnership,” said Debi Hamill, IAOP CEO. “We see this every year in our Global Outsourcing 100 applicants that are contributing their success to strategic partnerships. For that, IAOP is thrilled to congratulate Itransition and AiBUY as recipients of the 2021 Excellence in Strategic Partnerships Recognition.”

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Debi Hamill


We are nothing but happy to be featured in IAOP’s Excellence in Strategic Partnerships program. In a sense, receiving the award is natural since Itransition has always placed its stake on building long-term relationships with each of our customers, exploring every possible way to solve their problems and striving to bring as much innovation and value as possible. Our tandem with AiBUY allowed Itransition to be a technological and consulting partner in creating a disruptive technology that is already transforming most industries.

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Vladislav Nikitin

CTO of Itransition