Itransition featured among the top service providers in Zinnov Zones E R&D Services report

Itransition featured among the top service providers in Zinnov Zones E R&D Services report

November 25, 2022

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Zinnov is an international consulting and strategic advisory collaborating with clients to provide data- and insight-driven value through customer-centric strategies. They are global advisers to C-level executives and enterprises in Globalization and Global Talent, Digital Engineering, and Transformative Technologies. Zinnov Zones is their annual ranking that helps leaders benchmark reliable providers from the Product Engineering, Digital Services, and IoT segments.

Having participated in Zinnov research since 2018, each year Itransition improved and expanded our presence in the reports by constantly honing our software development practices. 

2022 report

2022 marked another important step in our growth, as we achieved new heights in the E R&D Services Zinnov Zones report. 

For Itransition, the highlight of the 2022 E R&D Services report was to enter the leadership zone in numerous categories for small and medium service providers. We made it to the leadership zone by developing top-tier IT solutions for such industry-leading companies as Terumo, JATO, etc. Zinnov analysts also included us in the established zone in the E R&D Services - Europe. They acknowledged our impressive year-over-year revenue growth, client geography spread, and market impact in the European region. Our key clients’ success stories with projects for leading EU companies in automotive, media andentertainment domains also contributed to the prominent position in the ranking. 

We also appeared in the E R&D Services - Hyperscalers Services ranking in the established zone, proving our extensive experience with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud solutions. Moreover, positive references from marquee clientele (Rietumu Banka, MAUD, etc.) helped Itransition prove our rich cross-domain IT expertise. Itransition was featured in the rankings on data and AI engineering, automotive, consumer, enterprise software, telehealth, and many more.

2021 report

In 2021, Zinnov introduced geography-based rankings. Itransition managed to secure a position in those rankings right away, placed in E R&D Services – US and E R&D Services – Software Cybersecurity. 

All in all, Itransition achieved solid positions among the providers in fifteen categories, such as E R&D SMB providers; Digital Engineering; AI and AI/ML Engineering; Automotive; Consumer Software; Banking, Financial Services and Insurance; Software Platform Engineering; Medical Devices; Telemedicine; IoT Technology Services; and Telehealth. We were also positioned in the Leadership Zone among Small and Medium Service providers and Execution Zone for the Internet of Things Technology Services (Overall) and Telemedicine.

About Zinnov Zones

Founded in 2002, Zinnov is a global management consulting & strategy advisory firm with core expertise in digital engineering and transformation, assisting their end clients in attaining business goals through data intelligence, insights, and rich expertise. To create Zinnov Zones reports, Zinnov analysts form a 360-degree understanding of companies through a multi-step evaluation process and position them on quadrants. The horizontal and the vertical quadrant positioning reflects the key features of an effective IT solutions provider: market impact strength and level of core expertise. Depending on the positioning, Zinnov ascribes zones (nurture, breakout, execution, or leadership) to vendors.

We are honored to receive recognition from independent analysts as it confirms the high quality of the IT our company services. The strong presence in Zinnov Zones reports proves our expertise in generating business value through software solutions and staying on top of emerging industry trends.