Itransition achieves the Amazon EC2 for Windows Server designation

Itransition achieves the Amazon EC2 for Windows Server designation

March 24, 2023

Press Office


Itransition has achieved another AWS partner designation, Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server, confirming the company’s technical proficiency and the capability to manage Windows Server solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Coupled with Itransition’s AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner and Well-Architected Partner statuses, this achievement further underpins the company’s profound and versatile AWS expertise and demonstrates our commitment to delivering more value to our customers. 

To receive the designation, Itransition has passed a rigorous technical validation to ensure the company is following best practices and possesses deep AWS experience. As part of the validation process, AWS solution architects carried out several rounds of technical review of architectures for our customers’ apps to confirm our approach meets AWS requirements in various categories, such as Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Cost Optimization, etc. As proof of customer satisfaction, we provided relevant case studies from different domains and varying challenges in managing Microsoft solutions in Amazon EC2. Above all else, our experts passed technical and business accreditations on AWS for Microsoft projects to comply with the program requirements. 

As an Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server Delivery Partner, Itransition helps its customers plan, implement, and manage cloud migration and modernization of their Microsoft Windows Server-based solutions. By deploying Windows Server apps in the EC2 environment, Itransition supports our customers'  unique use cases and streamlines their applications' cloud transformation. A wide range of client benefits unveiled comprise greater app performance, enhanced data security, reduced operational costs, higher reliability, increased cost efficiency, and more. On top of that, Itransition integrates Windows Server-hosted solutions that run in Amazon EC2 with other AWS services such as AWS Directory Service, Amazon RDS for SQL Server, AWS Systems Manager, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon WorkSpaces, or Amazon AppStream, which allows our customers to benefit fully from AWS opportunities.

Having provided implementation and migration services for Windows Server solutions in Amazon EC2 for quite some time, we are very happy to receive the official confirmation of our competency from AWS. The new status supplements Itransition’s ever-growing track record and unlocks a variety of program benefits, allowing us to bring added value to our customers, while never ceasing to work on new achievements and initiatives.