Prototyping & development

Whatever your entry point is — a bare idea, wireframes, a prototype or a live application — we provide end-to-end Python development and refactoring services.

Off-the-shelf customization

Our Python engineers enhance functionality of third-party Python-driven solutions, to better adapt them to the needs of your business.

Legacy migration

Itransition performs legacy code migration to Python, as well as upgrades current Python applications, when new versions of Python frameworks are released.

Support & maintenance

We use Python issue detection and remote administration tools, to provide 24/7 infrastructure monitoring, architecture and environment audits and troubleshooting.


Python is a mature dynamic language for testing business ideas, as it offers a wide range of plug-and-play packages covering all kinds of functional features, built-in data structures and reusable patterns. It takes little time and effort for Itransition to engineer working prototypes of web and desktop applications that provide complete user experience of the future product to the extent your capabilities allow — from paper sketches to clickable wireframes and MVPs.

Clickable wireframes
Minimal viable product

Web app development

Make a complete Python journey from prototyping through deployment to production and ongoing extension with Itransition.

We utilize Python’s full-stack web development frameworks and packages to craft simple websites, moderately-complex portals, automation plugins and data-driven enterprise systems that fit customers’ deployment architectures and network topologies.


QA tools

Django is our go-to toolkit for clean and manageable large-scale web apps, as it provides sound templates, routine automation and time-honored content management features.

We utilize lightweight Flask for simpler web application scenarios, keeping the core of your solution simple, yet expandable with numerous extensions.

We use Nameko micro-framework to build distributed microservice solutions with the built-in support of service discovery, service replication and event-based communication support.

Our Python experts opt for Pyramid for implementing sophisticated web apps that span beyond standard ORM and are expected to connect with diverse workflows and template systems.

Itransition uses Zope as a manageable system with a versatile set of tools to develop complex web applications which empower collaboration and advanced content management.

We leverage Tornado for building asynchronous and non-blocking real-time web services that support thousands of concurrent connections with zero downtime.

Our experts opt for asynchronous HTTP Server, to implement web applications that require simultaneous processing of thousands of requests.

Data science

Python offers built-in data structures such as lists, strings, dictionaries, and a variety of libraries to perform increasingly complex data analysis. According to the basic data operations and manipulations for your application, we choose the relevant data structure and run open-source packages for custom data collection, analysis, transformation and presentation pipelines. Our deliveries include:

  • Connected data analytics modules
  • Standalone data science web systems
  • Customized off-the-shelf analytics suits
Data processing stages Features Tools

Selection & processing

  • Access to external systems’ data — identification, web form filling etc.
  • Sending HTTP inquiries
  • HTML parsing
  • Beautiful Soup
  • lxml
  • Requests
  • Scrapy
  • Third-party APIs
  • urllib/urllib2

Transformation & mining

  • Statistical modelling
  • Linear Algebra functions running
  • Optimization and Sparse matrices building
  • Hadoop
  • NumPy
  • Pandas
  • SciPy
  • Spark
  • StatsModels

Reporting & visualization

  • Applied plots
  • Heatmaps
  • Force-directed layouts
  • Sunbursts
  • Pivot tables
  • Tag clouds
  • Bokeh
  • Matplotlib
  • pygal
  • Seaborn

Data pipelines

  • ETL pipelines
  • Task graphs
  • Pipeline visualization
  • Apache Airflow
  • luigi

Machine learning

Itransition implements intelligent machine-learning algorithms for predictive and prescriptive engines in a variety of fields, by leveraging Python data analysis and scientific computing libraries like scikit-learn, NLTK, Keras, TensorFlow and ready-to-use integrated development environments for machine learning.

Azure machine learning studio

Opting for Azure ML Studio, we ensure rapid engineering of custom machine learning algorithms. We utilize interactive canvas for building classification and regression models coupled with components preprogrammed with predictive modeling techniques, to create both standalone predictive web services and integrated enterprise-ready prognostic engines.

Goal definition

Our business analysts help you understand the objective of ML development and expected results, as well as outline the development scope.

Data collection & preparation

We write Python scripts for gathering training datasets for the future ML model, as well as data attribution cleansing and classification.

Model development

With Python modification we run data analysis models and ML algorithms that are necessary to achieve the defined goal.


We publish as a web service, implementing monetization and monitoring scenarios, or integrate the model with enterprise IT infrastructure.

Model testing

When the model gets trained, we use test data extracts to check its prognostic capabilities and change training algorithms if needed.

Model training

Our Python engineers run training algorithms that find dependencies across disparate datasets.

Hybrid programming with Python

Because Python is interoperable with other programming languages, Itransition takes the best of them to deliver top-performing solutions with the least efforts. We extend Python landscape with C/C++, Java or C# modules for performance-critical features and specific functionality, and write Python scripts integrated into C/C++, Java or C# code for quick customizations and 3rd party integrations.


Ease of development and modification

C/C++, C#, Java

Execution efficiency

Specific features by .NET, Java, and C/C++

Off-the-shelf customization

Make Python-based platforms work the way you want, relying on Itransition’s customization services. By implementing custom layouts, automations, modules and fields, as well as brand-booked graphical interfaces, we empower your business to manipulate only the features your business strategy requires.

From 3000+ Odoo applications supporting sales and marketing, accounting, manufacturing and recruitment, Itransition helps to outline the opportunities for your business, proceeding to design and development of your tailored Odoo version.

Itransition studies your data-driven workflows and develops custom Anaconda-based apps for data processing, predictive analytics and scientific computing, relying on Python packages for stats, data mining, deep learning, simulation & optimization, environment analysis.

Support & maintenance

Python offers a variety of automation instruments that enable Itransition to monitor your application infrastructure and provide timely troubleshooting. Whether you seek 24/7 faultless operation of a dynamic web portal that handles thousands of sessions simultaneously, or proactive environment security management, we set up automated error and exception tracking, logging, performance metrics collection and reporting, remote task execution systems.

App deployment & systems administration

Error tracking
& logging

Infrastructure & application analytics