Application development

Constructing platform-specific and device-agnostic applications.

Porting & migration

Cross-technology migration and cross-framework porting.

Quality assurance

Independent all-round testing and during-development health checking.

Maintenance & support

Continuous monitoring and troubleshooting, ad-hoc extension of .NET-based projects.

Universal windows apps

By leveraging the Universal Windows API set, we develop applications targeting the Windows ecosystem and accommodating diverse input forms and screen resolutions. Universal applications rest on single codebase, while exposing additional APIs for device-specific features.

Enjoy the benefits of UWP

Reduced development effort & time

  • Web developer
  • Desktop developer
  • Mobile developer
  • Universal developer

Maximized app reach

  • 1 app
  • 1 device
  • Device 3
  • 1 app
  • Device 1
  • Device 2

Ease of Maintenance

  • Desktop app update
  • Mobile app update
  • Xbox app update
  • Synchronized app update

.NET development

.NET framework

We render .NET development services, delivering high-end solutions for diverse business domains.

.NET core

We opt for .NET Core, if you target high performance and scalable solutions reaching Windows, Linux and macOS.


Utilizing ASP.NET modular components, Itransition develops consumer and enterprise server-side apps for Windows.

ASP.NET core

We deliver cloud-based solutions atop of Windows, Linux and macOS of different architectural complexity and compute intensity.

Porting .NET framework apps to .NET core

To enable macOS and Linux compatibility, you need a shift between .NET frameworks. Our .NET developers follow a step-by-step porting process, which entails portability analysis against incompatible components and breaking changes, codebase refactoring and porting.

  • Analyze

    Study assemblies and explore external dependencies

  • Plan

    Consider workarounds to migrate incompatible APIs

  • Port

    Transfer code and tests, refactoring unportable elements

Mobile development

Windows native

Using Windows SDK, Itransition develops a broad range of mobile solutions from line-of-business apps to commercial products for Windows Store. Though developed for smartphones and tablets, apps can be easily tailored for all Windows devices.

Cross- platform

Xamarin empowers us to rapidly build applications for Android, iOS and Windows that share 75% of codebase and 25% of platform-specific code. This combination provides for native UI and performance, alongside with reduced development effort.

Native iOS app
Native android app
Native windows app

Platform-specific C#

Shared C# user interface code
Shared C# app logic

Cloud development

Itransition’s cloud adoption services include implementing and deploying, managing and migrating scalable and highly available applications across a global network of cloud platforms.

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Windows IoT solutions

Microsoft resources are instrumental for quick prototyping and launching innovative IoT projects. Our expertise covers full-fledged headed and headless device networks for both industrial and commercial use.

Windows IoT core

We utilize Windows IoT Core on multiple boards, to jumpstart large-volume connected ecosystems deployment. With .NET immense capabilities, Itransition develops connectivity and security management software for reliable information exchange across the end points, as well as remote management applications, giving end users complete visibility and control over IoT assets.

Azure IoT hub

With Azure IoT services, Itransition creates custom IoT architectures, painlessly and securely connecting IoT assets to the cloud. In Azure IoT Hub, where all data is processed, visualized and stored, our experts set up bidirectional hyper-scale messaging between cloud and devices, while ensuring security through per-device authentication.