Cross-platform applications

Utilzing Qt, wxWidgets, GTK+ and other toolsets, we deliver cross- platform applications of any complexity — from stand-alone desktop applications to distributed systems.

Native software

We build feature-rich OS-native software products including utilities, tools, as well as office, communication and multimedia apps and productivity tools.

While building multi-platform solutions, we keep shared logic and code, delivering OS-native UIs utilizing OS-specific tools for each target platform.


High-performance applications

Itransition delivers high-performance and low-latency code on today’s modern systems utilizing native capacities of C/C++ along with high-performance tooling, libraries and high-quality optimizing compilers C++ opens the access to.

We know how to arrange data to use hardware caches effectively, and how to apply standard and custom-written parallel algorithms to harness high-performance parallel and vector processor hardware to compute results faster. We also know how to manage latency for real-time systems and responsive apps while hiding the underlying latencies such as disk and network latency.


Utilizing NAT-T techniques along with HPL, RabbitMQ, libnice, zeroMQ libraries and other tools, we develop server configuration and management utilities, server performance monitoring and reporting tools, backup utilities, server-side communication, server-side processing and command line tools.

Hardware-specific software

We deliver driver and utility management solutions along with middleware that communicate with low-level embedded software for custom devices utilizing board-specific accelerators and protocols such as SPI and I2C. The interfaces involved include IEEE 1394, USB, RS-232, Bluetooth, etc.

Internet of things

We utilize C/C++ rooted in embedded systems and designed to be written specifically for the hardware they’re running on, to deliver Internet of Things solutions that do more work with less hardware. From prototype to production, we build modular, easily extensible IoT applications that connect sensors, devices and cloud services, and can be upgraded and extended with new features in the field.

  • Constrained devices
  • Gateways
  • Platforms
  • Compilers

    • GCC
    • clang
    • MSVC
    • Intel® C++ Compiler
    • Board-specific toolchains
  • Code analyzers

    • Cppcheck
    • Clang Static Analyzer
    • CppLint
    • CppDepend
  • Profilers

    • Valgrind
    • AMD CodeAnalyst
    • GProf
    • gcov
    • Google Performance Tools
  • Debuggers

    • Strace
    • GNU Debugger
    • DBX
    • SoftICE
    • MS Visual Studio Debugger
    • WinDbg

Audio & video processing

We build efficient tools for high-performance media streaming and processing.

Our knowledge of video transmission of IP network including error-resilient encoding, error concealment and media steaming protocols, RTP/RTSP/HLS/MPEG-DASH, along with device-level performance optimization experience (coding/decoding speed, etc) help us deliver real-time multithreaded media streaming solutions. Leveraging multimedia frameworks, including open source solutions such as GStreamer and FFmpeg (featuring libavcodec), we develop various multimedia applications.

  • Video editors
  • Video playback apps and media players
  • Interactive apps with communication capabilities
  • Media stream broadcasters
  • Content monetization solutions (prepaid/pay-per-view)
  • Voice/noise detection
  • Motion detection
  • Codecs and media engines

  • On-demand
  • Live
  • Devices
Content programmers
TV operators

Surveillance & security

Our expertise spans development of backend system components for various security devices and diverse surveillance equipment.

Working in collaboration with hardware vendors, when hardware and software products are developed simultaneously, we deliver reliable high-performance software for digital close circuit TV (CCTV), portable body cameras, digital multimedia recorders, comprehensive home security systems, turnstile, automatic gate systems, and many more.

  • Security cameras
  • Wearables
  • Sensors
Data encoding & media transfer middleware
  • Encoding & live encoding
  • Digital signatures
  • Encryption
Digital asset management
  • Secure storing & distribution
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Data analysis
  • Mobile & wearables
  • Desktop
  • Web

Augmented reality & virtual reality

With the help of C++, we deliver VR/AR experiences that span across operating systems, wildly different and non-standard input device types, hardware specs, manufacturers, and SDKs.

We opt for C++ to deliver AR/VR solutions for C++ is cross-platform, offers severe control over performance/latency, allows for low level real-time optimization and multi-threading, is suitable as a library and can be used as the interface to other languages.

Virtual reality (VR)

Completely digital enviroment
Real and the virtual are interwined

Augmented reality (AR)

Real world with digital information overlay
Real world remains central to the experience, enhanced by virtual details

Mixed reality (MR)

Fully enclosed, synthetic experience with no sense of the real world
Interaction with and manipulation of both the physical and virtual environment

Browser extensions & plugins

Specialized C/C++ services


  • Operating systems
  • Drivers
  • Databases
  • Frameworks/libraries
  • Technologies
  • Development tools


  • Source code translation
  • Binary translation
  • Structure improvements
  • Program modularization
  • Data re-engineering
  • Re-documentation


  • Secure network connections
  • Custom security algorithms
  • Trusted SPP-based environments

C/C++ technology skillset


  • Connectivity

    BLE, Beacons, RFID, WiFi, ZigBee, LoRa, NFC

  • Web services


  • Networking/protocols


  • Security

    SSO, OAuth, PKI, X.509

Libraries / frameworks

  • STL, STLport, Boost, POSIX, glib

  • Win API, MFC, ATL, WTL

  • DirectX, OpenGL, OpenAL, OpenCV, SDL

  • CryptoAPI (CAPI), OpenSSL

  • Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, Carbon, wxWidgets, Qt, QML, X11, GTK

  • GStreamer, FFmpeg (libavcodec)


  • Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, BerkleyDB, DB/2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite

Compilers / IDEs

  • MS C/C++ Compiler, GNU GCC, Clang, Intel® C/C++ Compiler

  • MS Visual Studio, Xcode, Eclipse, Emacs, vim

Platforms / OSs

  • Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android