Dedicated Center to Sustain Rapid Business Growth of a Leading Manufacturer and Retailer

Dedicated Center to Sustain Rapid Business Growth of a Leading Manufacturer and Retailer

Dedicated Center to Sustain Rapid Business Growth of a Leading Manufacturer and Retailer

  • Complex commerce web and mobile apps development and support
  • BI-enabled commerce engine implementation
  • Corporate collaborative CRM system maintenance


Our Customer, a leading European furniture manufacturer and retailer with more than 50 distribution centers, has extremely complex infrastructure incorporating production, logistics, warehousing and distribution.


The Customer invests a lot in their own online presence and software tools. Their in-house IT team developed three full-fledged e-commerce websites to support 3 different lines of business, and a CRM-like corporate system that unites all departments and employees in a single workspace. However, with a course of time the Customer decided to extend the IT team with external resources for the following reasons:

  • Urge for the domain specific expertise. Focusing primarily on furniture production and distribution, the company had obviously little to do with IT.
  • Need for speed. Exponential growth of business required complex IT solutions delivered as quick as possible.


After completing successfully the rigorous vendor selection process, Itransition set up a full-featured dedicated software development team aimed to provide technology consulting and development assistance to the Customer’s in-house team. The initial engagement covered 3 major stacks:

  • Commerce websites’ maintenance & improvement
  • Enterprise systems (web and mobile) support and maintenance
  • BI-enabled design center development

The Customer, while extremely cutting-edge in terms of their core business, were extremely conservative in terms of their IT operations. Itransition was the first company they asked outsourcing services from, so we conducted a lot of educational work before the collaboration started. Our team shared the fundamentals and the best practices of the dedicate center model to the Customer, and proposed mutually beneficial cooperation patterns, that was accepted by the Customer.


Due to our in-depth technology, methodology and domain expertise, we managed to establish strong long-term partnership with the Customer, and the cooperation is still growing. Progressive dynamics of Itransition’s team growth (50+ specialists currently) and recommendation of our services to the Customer’s sister company confirm their complete satisfaction with our contribution.


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