Software & hi-tech


From rapid prototype development to software implementation and deployment, Itransition offers a complete range of product engineering services, while coping with the product launch challenges you may encounter.

Quality assurance

Provided independently or as a part of a development project, our QA services rest on an all-round manual + automated testing framework driven by a product lifecycle-based model, to help you deliver competitive and flawless products.

Maintenance & support

Our support and maintenance experts ensure smooth project handover both from third-party and Itransition’s development teams, providing flexible services on the level you need it, from 24/7 troubleshooting and maintenance solutions installation to high-level re‑engineering and enhancement.

Products ecosystem coverage

Itransition possess a complete blend of technology and methodology expertise to develop, connect and sustain ecosystems of products, emphasizing on components interconnectivity and uniform brand experience across multiple interfaces.

Communication layer
Data sources
Business logic

ISV lifecycle services

Itransition provides tailored services for startups, rising stars and mature companies understanding major pains and priorities at every stage of the business lifecycle.


We deliver proof-of-concepts prior to production development. This includes business and technical feasibility assessment through prototyping and development of a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that perfectly demonstrates working functionality to stakeholders.

Rising stars

We help rapidly growing ISVs to extend product and service lines across multiple distribution channels and provide tailored customer services by relying on Itransition’s software development and customization expertise.

Mature companies

At Itransition, we assist you across your journey to sustaining cash flow, cutting TCO costs and keeping up-to-date by providing fully-fledged software modernization, optimization, reengineering and migration services.

Project rescue

Whatever jeopardizes your project, Itransition helps you to get back on track by delivering essential recovery services:

  • Rapid team augmentation
  • Project infrastructure refinement
  • Processes reengineering
  • Development take up and completion
  • Scope revision

Emergency fixes

We jumpstart the project in a couple of days, in case the urgent fix is required. In stringent circumstances, Itransition allocates a strong team of engineers with experience in similar projects, who quickly resolve source code integrity, execution, performance and security issues that impede the scheduled release to production.

Strategic improvements

When it comes to long-term projects with inefficient processes, repeated scope creeps, resource shortage and poor deliverables from contractors, Itransition conducts 360-degree root-cause analysis, generating and implementing turnaround corrective measures for a project infrastructure upgrade.

Research & development

We continuously invest in systematic research and development (R&D) activities that comprise emerging technologies monitoring, investigation and testing, as well as use case definition.

Adopting and harnessing innovative technologies, we discover disruptive solutions to clients’ challenges, create and test proof of concepts, and facilitate a smooth technology upgrade with minimized risks and downtimes.

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Professional services

Itransition provides complete hands-on support throughout the process of launching and managing your product’s instances for different customers.

Be they one-off modifications or regular on‑demand customizations, we provide professional pre‑launch, launch and post-launch professional services.

  • Customization

    Through ad-hoc coding or configuration, we adjust the system’s business rules, data models and interface layouts, to serve particular needs of your clients.

  • Product release

    We utilize the arsenal of automated and manual deployment and testing tools, to ensure rapid system’s rollout and faultless execution according to the pre-defined requirements.

  • Customer support

    Itransition offers post-launch support to whatever level you need it — from training for end-users, implementing service desks and self-service portals to direct support as they go on.

Infrastructure management

Arrange your IT capacities in a way that provides for processes acceleration and TCO optimization with infrastructure management solutions engineered especially for your business.

By leveraging machine learning and data analytics, we develop and install intelligent infrastructure monitoring and proactive failure prevention solutions that safeguard resilience of your vital resources.

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Drawing on an impressive mobile development track record, Itransiton’s experts are ready to bring any of the following mobile strategies to life.

Mobile development

We build iOS, Android, Windows solutions, that enjoy native UI, API access and performance, as well as cross-platform solutions compatible with all devices.

Mobile optimization

Go mobile with Itransition’s optimization-for-mobile services, comprising re‑design and re‑structure towards responsiveness, as well as integrated mobile clients’ development.

Mobile app upgrade

By application migration, extension and troubleshooting, Itransition helps you to keep up with the advancing technology environment and solve upcoming performance and usability troubles.

Dedicated centers

In conjunction with ready-to-use processes, methodologies and tools, Itransition offers dedicated teams of software engineers, to handle end‑to‑end delivery of your IT project.

Be they isolated extra resources or fully-staffed project teams, we handpick the lacking experts adept at guiding your software product through a series of evolutionary releases by solving ad-hoc development, quality assurance or support and maintenance tasks.

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Engagement with ISVs

Customer’s input

Itransition’s output

Context research & requirements engineering

Customer-to-vendor knowledge transfer, current and expected product states analysis.

Customer’s InputInquiry answers, interviews, existing documentation. Itransition’s OutputSigned NDA agreement, requirements specifications.
Project planning

Business rules, constraints and quality attributes analysis, technology, timeline and scope roadmap.

Customer’s InputNegotiating, validating and approving deliverables. Itransition’s OutputFunctional and technical specs, schedule and ballpark.
Product design

System architecture building, UXD, proof-of-concept development.

Customer’s InputNegotiating, validating and approving deliverables. Itransition’s OutputWireframes, clickable prototypes and MVP.
Product development

Incremental application implementation, rollout and stabilization.

Customer’s InputWeekly syncs, on-demand communication. Itransition’s OutputСode, unit tests, documentation and guides, status reports.
Maintenance & support

Product extension, performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

Customer’s InputCode, documentation, articulated requirements. Itransition’s OutputIssues detection and processing reports, changed code.