Itransition debuts with two Silver Stevie Awards in the 2023 International Business Awards

Itransition debuts with two Silver Stevie Awards in the 2023 International Business Awards

August 15, 2023

Press Office


Itransition has received Silver Stevie awards in two categories: Best Technical Support Solution - Computer Services and Achievement in Customer Satisfaction, having applied for the reward for the first time. 

The International Business Awards are the world’s premier business awards program, created in 2002 to celebrate the achievements of organizations worldwide. To cover all business scope, the Stevie Awards offers a wide variety of categories, including management, PR, technology, product awards, etc. Only one to five winners are selected in each category for the Silver award, with the award committee receiving hundreds of applications per category from 60+ countries. 

To apply for the award, Itransition wrote essays and summaries, showcasing and summarizing Itransition’s initiatives and experiences. We also supplemented the applications with relevant case studies, reference letters, and presentations to help the judging panel form a 360-degree understanding of our business.

In the Achievement in Customer Satisfaction application, we provided insights into our long-standing Customer success program (CSP) alongside the positive references from our satisfied customers. Itransition’s CSP enables us to design, execute, and implement business strategies to help our customers achieve their goals with the highest ROI. Itransition continuously hones its consulting approaches and practices, finding the best strategies to utilize our versatile expertise for a particular business challenge. As part of the program, we help our clients discover new growth opportunities through business matchmaking, further building trustful and mutually beneficial business relationships. With an aim to constantly improve the CSP, Itransition measures customer satisfaction to gauge areas for improvement and create efficient action plans. Overall, the CSP allows Itransition to retain 85%+ of customers, many of whom have been collaborating with us for 15+ years.  

As Itransition’s Account Director Maksim Ostarhov remarked, “Winning the Stevie Awards means a lot to us as building mutually beneficial and trustful relations with our customers has always been our priority. We never stop developing new ways to boost customer value and deliver exceptional customer service, taking pride in every client's success and making their businesses competitive through innovative technology.” 

For the Best Technical Support Solution - Computer Services category, Itransition described our accumulated ITSM expertise and various ITSM initiatives reflected in our Atlassian Gold partner status. We showcased how we extend and improve the out-of-the-box functionality of an Atlassian suite, coming up with innovative approaches and workarounds to precisely tailor Atlassian to the nuances of our customers' businesses. Itransition focuses on staying ahead of the curve in a fast-paced IT market, so we constantly accumulate and disseminate knowledge and evolve our ITSM expertise within our company-wide Atlassian Center of Excellence. We contribute to the global IT community by sharing findings and best practices via publishing articles and holding external webinars. Itransition also enriches in-house ITSM expertise by expanding an employee certification program.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by The Stevie Awards, showcasing Itransition as a company with a strong focus on IT service management. As an Atlassian Gold Solution Partner, we have always strived to improve ITSM processes of our customers and reduce their efforts through process optimization, automation, and tools customization, eventually bringing cost savings while providing better customer service,” said Alex Kravchuk, Itransition’s leading Atlassian expert and project manager.

Having won two Silver Stevie Awards in 2023, Itransition has obtained yet another proof we are a truly versatile business partner, expert in both technical and people-focused aspects of running a successful IT business. Attaining appraisal from an international judging panel shows us we are truly moving in the right direction. It further motivates us to hone our software development and business practices, delivering maximum value to Itransition’s both existing and new clients.