Itransition is in 2019 Zinnov Zones for Digital Strategy & Consulting

Itransition is in 2019 Zinnov Zones for Digital Strategy & Consulting

April 1, 2019

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Denver, CO, April 1, 2019 ⎯ Itransition, a global technology vendor, entered the execution zone for Digital Strategy & Consulting in Zinnov Zones for Digital Services rating, being also positioned in the breakout zone across the rest evaluated digital segments. The rating has been prepared by Zinnov ⎯ a global consulting firm with a focus on Product Engineering and Digital Transformation.

In 2019, Zinnov positioned Itransition in the breakout zone in the overall digital rating, recognizing the company’s Digital Prowess and Scalability in digital business. Zinnov placed Itransition in the execution zone for Digital Strategy & Consulting segment confirming the company’s strength in such service lines as digital strategy and roadmapping, enterprise digital lab setup, infrastructure assessment, digital journey mapping, and portfolio planning.

Along with Digital Strategy & Consulting, Itransition was evaluated across the following 7 digital segments and service lines: Application and Platform Development, UI/UX and Customer Experience Management, Legacy Modernization, Deployment and Integration, Data Analytics and AI, Infrastructure & Managed Services, and Security Services. Itransition was listed in the breakout zone across all these digital segments.

Zinnov Zones for Digital Services is an annual rating that assesses global technology service providers on the basis of their digital capabilities. Over 50 top global service providers across India, China, LATAM, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and North America participate in the rating. The assessment methodology is a 3-step process that includes data collection and analysis via RFIs sent to the vendors, customer feedback analysis handled through detailed interviews, and analysis performed by Zinnov experts. Upon assessment completion, Zinnov positions digital services providers in either the nurture zone, breakout zone, execution zone, or leadership zone. The rating results are shared with 10,000+ top outsourcing decision makers, subscribed to Zinnov Zones.

In 2019 rating, participating service providers were evaluated based on two key areas, such as Digital Prowess and Scalability in digital business. The companies’ Digital Prowess was estimated based on the analysis of the following 6 parameters: Digital Offerings, Ecosystem Leverage, Composition of Digital Workforce, Composition of Digital Clientele, Business Models, and Outlook. The Scalability evaluation parameters comprised: Scale of Business, Digital Clientele, and Digital Talent. Besides, Zinnov states that currently over 5.5m people are employed in job roles as a result of enterprises’ digital investments.

In their report, Zinnov also provided insights into the global corporate spending in digital services. Zinnov estimates that digital spending is likely to increase at a CAGR of over 20% to reach $1.1-$1.2t by 2022. Among the top digital services spenders, Zinnov names Banking, Financial Services and Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Hi-Tech, and Telecom organizations. They jointly contribute to over 60% of the total global digital spending.

Itransition has always been striving to deliver value-added services, helping our customers become digital in all aspects. We continuously aggregate industry and technology expertise and pilot emerging technologies to offer a wide range of digital solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. We are very pleased that Zinnov included us in their Zinnov Zones for Digital Services rating, which endorses our strong capabilities in leveraging the latest digital technologies and delivering business transformation to our clients.

Alex Demichev

Alex Demichev

CEO of Itransition

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