Itransition in 2018 Zinnov Zones—Engineering R&D services

Itransition in 2018 Zinnov Zones—Engineering R&D services

February 13, 2019

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Denver, CO, February 13, 2019 ⎯ Itransition, a global software services vendor, is listed among the leading companies in the Zinnov Zones 2018 for Engineering R&D services rating. The rating has been recently released by Zinnov ⎯ a research, consulting, and advisory company with core expertise in Product Engineering and Digital Transformation.

In the 2018 report, Zinnov positioned Itransition as an emerging/niche vendor in the overall ER&D rating recognizing our strengths in User Experience Engineering and QA Engineering. In 2018, Itransition extended our presence in the breakout zone to the 3 verticals, including Medical Devices, Consumer Software, and Automotive, as compared to the 2 verticals in 2017. Itransition was placed in the breakout zone as a software vendor that delivers R&D services effectively, applies innovative frameworks, and has strong capabilities spanning Engineering, Embedded and Software services. In 2018, Itransition entered the execution zone for Enterprise Software vertical as a software vendor that provides full-cycle product development services as well as develops and implements its own reusable components/IPs.

Zinnov Zones ⎯ Engineering R&D services is an annual rating of R&D service providers based on the research of their competencies and capabilities including offerings, IPs/solutions, etc. The research is an RFI-like process that includes data collection via RFI submission and follow-up vendor briefings, validation by way of customer interviews, and analysis done by Zinnov experts. The rating is shared with 10,000+ top R&D spenders and outsourcing decision makers who are corporate subscribers of Zinnov’s online reports.

The 2018 rating marked the 11th edition of Zinnov Zones, covering global service providers across India, China, LATAM, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and North America. Zinnov shortlisted 40+ out of initially invited 100+ service providers and evaluated them based on the following parameters: human capital, capabilities and innovation, financials, ecosystem linkages, infrastructure, and business sustainability. Each company was classified under one of the four zones, including the nurture zone, the breakout zone, the execution zone, and the leader zone, for each vertical. The rating covered 17 industry verticals, including Automotive, Medical Devices, Transportation, Industrial, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Software, Enterprise Software, etc., and 4 horizontal capabilities across these verticals, including Design and Simulation, UX Engineering, Platform Engineering, and Testing and Quality Assurance. In addition, Zinnov evaluated the companies for overall ER&D services.

The Zinnov Zones 2018 ⎯ Engineering R&D services report provided an insight into the global corporate engineering and R&D spend. Zinnov estimated that in 2018 global corporate Engineering R&D spend was in excess of $1.2 trillion, which included investments in manufacturing engineering, project engineering, regulatory services, etc. Automotive and Pharmaceutical companies led R&D spend, while Software and Internet firms witnessed the highest growth. According to the report, Software and Internet firms saw 18-19% increase in R&D spend over 2017. Zinnov also stated that top R&D spenders invested in digital engineering, building digital infrastructure, modernizing product development process, and enabling new products and services. In 2018, digital engineering spend accounted for 24% (or $293 billion) of Engineering R&D spending. It is expected to reach 37% (or $642 billion) by 2023.

Itransition has always been striving to be a solid and reliable partner in software development, responding to our customers’ business needs and expanding core competencies. We are continuously looking for new areas of interest, gathering more ideas, piloting and adopting emerging technologies, thus delivering solutions that inspire our customers and empower their competitive advantages. We are delighted that Zinnov recognized and confirmed our efforts in this sphere and added us to their Zinnov Zones 2018—ER&D services report.

Vladislav Nikitin

Vladislav Nikitin

CTO of Itransition

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