Itransition becomes a Salesforce partner

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London, UK, April 25, 2019 ⎯ Itransition, a global software services provider, has become a Salesforce Registered Partner. The achieved partner status confirms Itransition’s ability to deliver Salesforce solutions for sales support, experience management, marketing automation, and omnichannel commerce. The status also proves the company’s experience in Salesforce functionality implementation and custom workflows development, as well as Salesforce integration with other software solutions.

As a Salesforce Partner, Itransition gets more opportunities to develop its Salesforce-related expertise in particular products and industries even further. With the access to the Salesforce development, test, and pre-release environments, Itransition is from now on able to preview and provide feedback on the new generations of Salesforce's products, and become an early adopter. The Salesforce Partner Community, in its turn, enables Itransition to exchange expertise, best practices and know-hows. That makes Itransition fully equipped to deliver advanced Salesforce-based solutions to its clients thus ensuring optimum user experience.

Itransition has been delivering Salesforce solutions for more than a decade. The company has accumulated the experience in business process automation, existing solution optimization, and platform-based development. Itransition has developed and enhanced Salesforce CRM systems and Salesforce-based content management solutions for real estate, finance, telecom, and other industries. With more than twenty years in software engineering business, Itransition brings best software development practices into Salesforce implementation, configuration, and customization projects. These practices include continuous integration and delivery, continuous code review and QA, unit test coverage, etc., and contribute to the overall quality of the delivered solutions.

In order to join the Salesforce Partner Program, Itransition completed a multi-step assessment process that covered technical and legal due diligence. Within the enrollment, Itransition's technical capabilities have been confirmed by a series of successfully achieved accreditations and certifications. The legal due diligence comprised of Itransition's Code of Conduct audit done by the Salesforce legal department with the focus on ethics, confidentiality, fair competition and non-discrimination, preventing bribery and corruption, and more.

Joining the Salesforce Partner Program was a logical step for us to further advance our Salesforce expertise that we have been building for more than a decade. Since my first hands-on experience with Salesforce in 2006, followed by becoming a Certified Consultant, I personally have always been excited by the capabilities that Salesforce brings to our customers, and now I am even more excited by the fact that Itransition can help our clients align their Salesforce-based solutions with their business goals more closely.

Dmitry Strikelev

We have been working with Itransition for a couple of years now, and we are more than happy with the projects we have been running together. We're absolutely delighted to learn that Itransition have earned Salesforce Partner status, and would love to congratulate them on that achievement. We look forward to continuing to work together, and would highly recommend them as an expert-level software services provider that goes beyond Salesforce

Sam Wilson

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