Itransition debuts in ISG Provider Lens™ reports

Itransition debuts in ISG Provider Lens™ reports

June 8, 2022

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Itransition was featured in ISG Provider Lens™ reports for the first time, ranking in both Digital Engineering Services - Europe and Digital Engineering Services - US. The European report acknowledges us as a Product Challenger in Design & Development (Product, Services, Experience), a Contender in Integrated Customer/User Engagement and Experience, and a Market Challenger in Platforms and Applications Services. In the US-focused report, Itransition was positioned as a Contender in three categories: Design & Development (Product, Services, Experience), Integrated Customer/User Engagement and Experience, Platforms and Applications Services.

To get evaluated, Itransition participated in a two-step procedure, which included completing an RFI form and holding a vendor briefing. In the RFI form, we elaborated on strategies, practices, leadership approaches, client coverage, and core capabilities. For the Design & Development category, we showed our strong skills in product ideation, innovation, and engineering and described our capabilities in leveraging the best security, quality, and sustainability practices. Showcasing our expertise in delivering customer services and support through digital platforms, Itransition gave insight into our aftermarket service delivery and support, described compliance and security practices, and provided examples of client engagement. We also proved our expertise in delivering digital ecosystem orchestration platforms by listing our cloud-native design skills and tech stacks, describing our digital technology platform strategy and execution approaches. In the RFI form, Itransition also provided examples of our key customers and added case studies to give more context to the services we are offering. Finally, we participated in a vendor briefing with ISG analysts to answer all arisen questions.

Having participated in the evaluation procedure, Itransition proved we possessed design thinking and had strong digital product design capabilities, which allow us to deliver high-quality customer services through integrated hardware/software solutions, digital platforms and applications. Ranking in both the US and European Provider Lens™ reports acknowledged our robust presence on both the European and US markets.

We are excited to be featured in the ISG reports on Digital Engineering Services. Seeing our efforts acknowledged by leading research companies proves our vision and strategy in the adoption of emerging market trends. We are always looking forward to providing our clients with new offerings and services to maintain their unrivaled experience with Itransition.

Vladislav Nikitin

Vladislav Nikitin

Chief Technology Officer of Itransition

About ISG

ISG, or Information Services Group, is a leading global technology research and advisory firm, helping their clients to determine a future vision, lead rapid change, and realize the value of their digital investments at scale by analyzing market trends and major players.

About Provider Lens™ reports

The Provider Lens™ reports evaluate the provider’s experience in delivering engineering services, including conceptualization and consulting, value engineering, after-market support, etc. For a given report, ISG positions companies on a quadrant according to two parameters: portfolio attractiveness and competitive strength. The portfolio attractiveness criterion takes into account the portfolio scope and quality, strategy and vision, and local characteristics such as product support and infrastructure. When assessing the competitive strength, ISG analysts evaluate the current market position, brand reputation, core competencies, and go-to-market strategies.

Depending on how well a company meets the criteria, ISG assigns it to one of three categories: Product Challengers, Market Challengers, and Contenders. Product Challengers are companies boasting excellent services and a strong market presence. Market Challengers have a competitive edge, while Contenders are rapidly emerging companies that are expected to level up to Product or Market Challengers within the next 12 to 18 months.