FOSSA partners with Itransition to accelerate the use of open source software

FOSSA partners with Itransition to accelerate the use of open source software

May 25, 2022

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FOSSA, a platform that helps companies discover and drive standards around open source use at scale, today announced a new partnership with Itransition, a global provider of digital solutions and IT services.

Open source has become a crucial component in just about every software application and makes up more than 90% of the code in modern software products. This creates challenges in security, quality, and license compliance. The combination of Itransition’s expertise and FOSSA’s technology will allow organizations to identify, control, and remediate compliance and security risk across their open source software supply chain.

Open source is the backbone of digital innovation. But along with definitive advantages, it brings risks, including those of legal nature, such as license compliance, and we see our clients facing increased challenges across their enterprise landscapes. We are happy to extend our governance toolset with FOSSA, as it could be easily adopted and integrated into the build pipeline while providing comprehensible reporting for end-users. We are excited about our partnership with FOSSA, as it enables us to provide an extra level of visibility and control for both our teams and our clients.

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Vladislav Nikitin

CTO of Itransition

Itransition is a highly experienced digital solutions provider, and they’ve proven their success with delivering strong value to their customers. We’re excited to partner with them to help organizations accelerate their engineering velocity through proactive open source management, comprehensive SBOM inventory reporting, and early risk detection. I firmly believe together we will be a force multiplier for the customers we serve.

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Sameer Bhandari

VP of Sales at FOSSA


Launched in 2018, FOSSA is the world's first Modern Open Source Management platform. Designed for development, security, and legal teams alike, FOSSA provides component intelligence, continuous compliance, and cross-team collaboration solutions that enable organizations including Uber, Snap, Confluent, and Slack to quickly identify and mitigate risks, improve engineering efficiency, and accelerate time to market.