Itransition featured in Everest Group’s Digital Product Engineering Services report

Itransition featured in Everest Group’s Digital Product Engineering Services report

March 10, 2022

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In 2022, Itransition debuted as a Major Contender in the first edition of the Everest Group’s report Digital Product Engineering Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022: Bridging the Chasm between the Physical and Digital Worlds.

The report includes companies that excel at delivering high-quality next-generation solutions in the field of connected digital products and have expertise in AI/ML, AR/VR, 5G, blockchain, IoT, and cybersecurity. It evaluates the service providers’ relative positioning based on two criteria: market impact and vision & capability. The former focuses on the provider’s market presence, while the latter evaluates them in terms of service delivery quality.

As Itransition has been repeatedly featured in Everest Group’s reports, we were well aware of the evaluation procedure. First, we filled out an exhaustive Request for Information form, with questions regarding our vision and strategy, sustainable development, our take on the current industry trends, the general and financial overview of our services, etc. We also enclosed our top case studies in the digital products domain with the form.

To provide feedback about our work, we arranged several customer reference calls. During these meetings, Everest Group’s analysts asked our clients about the main factors leading to the selection of Itransition as a provider, their view on our key strengths, the implementation of best practices and innovative engagement models, and the overall level of satisfaction with our services. These reference calls enabled Everest Group to assess our customer management and business value delivery capabilities. Finally, we organized a vendor briefing, where we expanded on various aspects of our enterprise, from our business development and investment priorities to value generation practices and operating models.

Since Itransition constantly enhances its engineering and business development practices, we are honored to be featured in the new Everest Group report evaluating digital products providers. We are glad the global business community recognizes our efforts in providing advanced ecosystems of connected digital products. Motivated to continue strengthening our presence in Everest Group reports, we will seek new ways of providing quality solutions to our clients across various industries.

About Everest Group

Everest Group is a leading global consulting and research firm focusing exclusively on IT, business and engineering services. Since their foundation in 1991, Everest Group has assisted clients in maximizing their operational and financial performance and achieving high-impact business outcomes through data, research, and valuable expert advice.

Itransition in PEAK Matrix® reports

Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® reports provide insights and analytics on service providers within various market segments. The relative positioning of providers allows both service providers and potential customers to assess and calibrate offerings against others in a certain market or domain.

Itransition first appeared in the PEAK Matrix® in 2019, when Everest Group included us in the Aspirants group in their Software Product Engineering Services report, acknowledging our expertise in delivering top-tier software development services to our clients. In 2021 we advanced our position there, this time reaching the Major Contenders group. In the same year we entered the Aspirants group in Application and Digital Services in Banking PEAK Matrix®: Global and Europe Focus, showcasing our experience in the fintech domain.