Itransition became a confirmed AWS Well-Architected Partner

Itransition became a confirmed AWS Well-Architected Partner

October 18, 2022

Press Office


Itransition confirmed its AWS Well-Architected Partner status by fulfilling all necessary requirements, such as completing well-architected reviews and removing high risk issues (HRIs) for customers. We have been utilizing the AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF) for several years now, striving to create reliable, high-performing, and secure systems and bring value to our customers. Now our capabilities are validated by AWS, which marks an important milestone for the company.

AWS Well-Architected Partner Program (WAPP) helps AWS partners adopt WAF to build the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructures possible for a variety of applications, adopt best practices, and make reasonable improvements per customer needs. WAF is built around six pillars, which include operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability, to evaluate architectures and implement scalable designs by providing guidance in these conceptual areas in the course of well-architected reviews.

Well-architected reviews are performed by Itransition’s AWS experts with the help of the adaptable AWS Well-Architected Tool, which allows for adding best-practice guidance to specific industries and technology domains. As a result of a well-architected review, the Well-Architected Tool generates a custom report, underlining system issues prioritized by severity and importance from the AWS point of view and marking the most important ones as HRIs. The report also contains a list of improvement items aligned with the defined best practices and industry-specific standards. By performing well-architected reviews for our AWS customers, we help them establish good architectural habits, reduce risks, and respond faster to changes that affect designs and applications.

Combined with Itransition’s rich multi-year experience in implementing AWS solutions, leveraging WAF allows us to bring our customers the following benefits:

  • Receiving a brief and comprehensible summary for executives on top of standard technology-focused WAF outcomes with regard to a particular project’s context and goals to support decision making
  • Achieving the optimal balance between infrastructure costs and solution resilience (i.e. security, performance, reliability) to make maximum use of the allocated budget
  • Taking advantage of free AWS service credits to offset HRIs and remediation costs, which can reach significant amounts in case multiple solutions undergo the WAPP process
  • Increasing project team engagement and inspiration through participation in well-architected reviews, which drives internal improvement initiatives and helps shape a new vision of project infrastructure problematics

We plan to further develop the Well-Architected concept across the company and are working towards WAF implementation at all our AWS-based projects, with the ultimate goal of achieving further success with our customers.