Salesforce support services

Salesforce support services

Salesforce support services can include ongoing system monitoring, routine maintenance and upgrade, user support, and on-demand troubleshooting. Itransition’s Salesforce experts can provide a high level of support to ensure the system’s stable, trouble-free performance and proper evolution.

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Our Salesforce support services

We provide a range of technical support services to cater to any business needs and Salesforce platform improvement goals.

Our Salesforce support services

We proactively monitor the implemented Salesforce applications 24/7, making sure they perform as intended and fixing any emerging issues and vulnerabilities at an early stage to minimize their negative impact.

Our Salesforce support team will perform various day-to-day user requests, including user account management, workflow configuration, new functionality addition, security and access controls setup, custom reports and dashboards creation, and data import, export, and correction.

We can carry out thorough Salesforce platform reviews on a regular basis (e.g., once every month or two months) to pinpoint any issues or areas for improvement. As a rule, health checks include the analysis of system performance and configurations, data management and security, as well as overall user experience.

Within this on-demand service, we identify, analyze, and resolve any technical, performance, configuration, data quality, or security issues within your Salesforce org, making sure your system is healthy and properly functioning.

Our Salesforce professionals will provide expert guidance to the system’s end-users in their day-to-day work, timely assisting with various requests, solving emerging problems, and helping them get a better understanding of Salesforce’s capabilities.

We can improve or change your system to support your business development goals, adding new Salesforce integrations or functionality, modifying the existing capabilities, or improving user experience through workflow automation.

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Salesforce products we support

We support, maintain, and modernize the most popular Salesforce products and applications.

Sales Cloud

Service Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Community Cloud

B2C Commerce

CPQ Salesforce

Salesforce Einstein

Our support levels and pricing models

We provide the most common support tiers and pricing options. On demand, we can also adjust our Salesforce support offer to the specific wishes of our customers.

First-line (L1)

Within this support level, we provide basic issue identification and troubleshooting and perform regular Salesforce management and configuration.

Technical (L2)

This level of Salesforce support is aimed at companies with more complex and area-specific issues, such as system administration or integrations. At this level, we also provide more personalized services, such as health checks and evolution advisory.

Expert (L3)

The highest level of Salesforce support involves Itransition’s dedicated team working closely with the client to understand their challenges and resolve complicated issues and major incidents, often providing custom solutions.

Custom support package

If none of the standard support offers meet your unique requirements, Itransition is ready to work out a tailored offer with a custom set of services and activities.

Our approach to Salesforce support delivery

To successfully provide Salesforce support and maintenance services, we follow an established cooperation roadmap.


Business analysis and consulting

We begin by analyzing the existing Salesforce products and infrastructure and all the relevant logs pertaining to its previous operation, including incident history and inputs from the IT and business departments. We then study your business needs and work out a success plan detailing the scope of Salesforce support services as well as their delivery schedule.


Service delivery

Our Salesforce experts provide the agreed upon support and maintenance services as well as detailed reports on their work and achieved results. We strictly adhere to security and confidentiality standards to make sure your business information is safe with us.



Drawing on your evolving business needs, we regularly come up with proposals for streamlining your Salesforce business processes or improving its functionality to better sustain your company’s growth.

When to go for third-party Salesforce support

Why hire Salesforce support

Have limited in-house resources

or expertise to manage and maintain your Salesforce solutions.

Encounter frequent system errors

and downtimes that undermine business continuity.

Need optimal system performance

and strong security on a daily basis.

Lack of support agents

to process and resolve users’ inquiries and tickets.

Need to keep your CRM up-to-date

by ensuring its readiness for updates and feature releases.

Plan system evolution

that requires ongoing modifications and improvements.

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FAQs about Salesforce support

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