Web-Based Tax Reporting Solution

For Dièse Finance Itransition delivered a SaaS-based tax filing application – an efficient tool facilitating tax reporting for over 7 000 of France-based companies of all sizes.


Dièse Finance is now called CarlaBella


Dièse Finance is a France-based service provider mediating tax relations between enterprises of all sizes and the French tax authorities. An ardent advocate of simplifying corporate tax management, the company is an early adopter of e-filing corporate taxes.

Back in 2006 Dièse Finance approached Itransition requesting web-based tax software development and maintenance. By that time, Itransition was already delivering another project to Dièse Finance and proved to be a reliable software vendor possessing all the expertise required.

The tax management solution — named WebTaxes — was designed to boost efficiency of corporate tax reporting through:

  • automating completion of corporate income tax returns;
  • guaranteeing accurate calculations;
  • enabling companies to file tax reports via Internet.


The solution was developed and deployed to production in 2006. It is currently used by over 7 000 companies in France. The system users are certified accountants and tax professionals responsible for preparing and filing corporate income tax returns. The system functionality includes:

  • completing electronic and paper tax returns with subsequent export to CSV, HTML, PDF formats;
  • streamlining the entire tax filing workflow: completion, review and approval of tax returns, with a possibility of defining different workflows;
  • real time calculation. The figures subject to calculation are filled in automatically according to the predefined rules and are changed on-the-flight when the initial data change, so there’s no need for multiple file updates, manual calculations and data entry;
  • verification of the data entered according to the predefined rules;
  • e-filing tax returns to the tax authorities;
  • generating reports of different types on the tax returns created. Company managers are thus provided with consolidated analytical data and tax history;
  • sending notifications to companies, etc.

A lightweight version of the system provides mid- and small-sized enterprises (that have no need for thefunctionality large corporations demand) with streamlined tax reporting capabilities.


Technology Perspective

To optimize tax software development, the team used Google Web Toolkit (GWT 2.3.0) and a Java framework for easier AJAX development. Consistent user experience was ensured due to the usage of CKEditor, an HTML text editor, and jQuery drag-and-drop plugins.

An Eclipse-based reporting system – BIRT – was integrated with the application to provide a report generating feature, with Apache Velocity leveraged to fill in the templates with the data stored in the database. Flying Saucer was utilized to enable rendering PDF-files from XML/ XHTML via iText.

The application business logic is encapsulated in EJB 3.0. The system handles over 1 GB of financial data contained in Oracle Database. JPA and Hibernate are used to effectuate data transfer between the application and relational database.

The platform was seamlessly integrated with another Dièse Finance’s application – a rather challenging task due to the peculiarities of both applications and differences between the Java technologies employed.