Social Games Platform QA & Testing

Itransition helps a large provider of social games ensure high product quality


Our Customer is a leading company in online games development field, specializing in Facebook games. The company launched a number of new applications and a robust platform that manages all applications and advertisements for them, as well as accounts, payments, and user data analysis.

Solution Architecture

In order to ensure high product quality and better user experience, the Customer needed QA specialists to perform game software testing, primarily the back-office functionality. Having worked with Itransition before and considering the necessary skills and expertise, Itransition QA engineers were a clear choice.


Challenge Solution

Testing team scalability

According to the contract, we provided the Customer with an easily scalable team of QA engineers with the necessary expertise.

Time difference

Our team’s working hours were adjusted to the Customer’s schedule for the convenience of communication.

Specific requirements for mobile testing

Itransition QA engineers constantly improve their knowledge and expertise to meet all the Customer's demands.

Having considered the requirements, we provided the Customer with the following game software testing services:

  • mobile testing;
  • web application testing;
  • compatibility testing;
  • functional testing;
  • test automation.


Testing Budgets Cut by


Time Saved by Testing Automation

1822 hours

Mobile Devices Checked


Browsers Checked

4 + multiple versions for each

Critical Issues Eliminated


Deadline and Budget Compliance



Itransition provided the Customer with a dedicated team of mobile game software testing engineers to check the application running on mobile devices. The team adjusted to the Agile process that the Customer employs in their day to day work and functioned as part of their internal team. The Customer is fully satisfied with the results and continues working with Itransition up to date.

We worked with Android, iOS, 4 browsers including multiple versions, JIRA, TestRail.

Employing TestRail allowed making the QA effort estimation easier in sprints. TestRail provides a single space for organizing the test runs. Having created and prioritized the test suites, we can also easily coordinate testing efforts on the fly. In addition to that, the Customer can see the progress and understand the amount of QA efforts at any point of time.

Our specialists performed the setup of the necessary testing environments and provided monitoring for them. We chose NewRelic add-on as a monitoring and reporting tool. It provides detailed data on application performance issues: browser performance metrics, application response times, server usage information and performance data for the supporting technologies, etc.

To speed up the process and save the Customer’s time and money, we performed automated testing with the help of Selenium tools. It allowed automating web browsers across numerous platforms. Another major part of the project was to revise the regression testing that required a lot of efforts and time. Automating the regression testing helped us solve the issue.