Parcel Forwarding System

The customer required a processing system able to manage transactions and customer accounts, shipment addresses, shipment tracking and provide a CMS in the background.



Our customer is a young and vibrant company that is determined to make cross-border commerce easier, cheaper and more secure. The major objective of the BundleBox project was to create a parcel consolidation and forwarding system for delivering goods from US-based online stores worldwide. The system should help non-US customers receive the goods purchased from US stores with limited delivery possibilities.



The core elements and modules of the developed solution include:

  • Secure transactions processing. The system supports end-to-end transaction, allowing to receive parcels in one place, consolidate them for each customer, calculate fees and taxes, receive payments and make shipments to final destinations. To preserve the data integrity and comply with the business security requirements, besides technology practice like SSL support the application contains a powerful specially designed antifraud module.
  • PayPal Pro. PayPal payments processing was integrated into the system as a primary payment gateway to simplify and ensure convenience of payment procedures for customers.
  • FedEx. FedEx tracking system was integrated into the solution to allow live parcel tracking. Instant access offered by the on-line tracking system provides customers with convenient way of getting highly accurate data in real time directly.
  • Invoicing. The system supported automated invoicing including PDF generation.
  • Messaging. This module was created to allow stable and convenient communication between buyers and customer service managers.
  • User management. In order to avoid long and time-consuming registration process users were able to register at the website and provide their contact and payment information to be stored in the database only once. Also, this module is utilized by our customer to inform users about special promotions, available discounts and other marketing activities.


Itransition team was responsible for all steps of the solution development life cycle: technical specification creation, user interface design, system development, deployment and further continuous improvement.

Itransition demonstrated outstanding domain knowledge and professional development skills while delivering and deploying the system. All the tasks were completed within pre-negotiated timeframes and project expenses did not exceed approved project budget