A Powerful Mobile App Extending Reach on an Online Deals Service

A Powerful Mobile App Extending Reach on an Online Deals Service

A Powerful Mobile App Extending Reach on an Online Deals Service

  • Remote server data extraction for continuous data feeds
  • Advanced location-aware features
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter


Tipi S.A., a Swiss-based IT company, decided to launch an iPhone application to extend the functionality of their online collective buying service called Tipiness. The idea was to provide a one-stop source of information for potential buyer groups on deals available nearby, whether they are at their desk or on the go.

Benefits for application users

Tipiness users can source real-time information on best deals, bargains, and offers on local products and services directly through their iPhone.

Benefits for Tipi S.A.

With the registered Tipiness user database steadily growing, more shops and stores appreciate the increasing benefits of getting additional exposure in promoting their products or services using this focused web resource.

Benefits for local businesses

By utilizing the opportunity to highlight their offerings to target potential consumer groups for a set fee, businesses can achieve a significant lift in sales, while gaining a greater brand popularity and customer loyalty.


Bringing together web and mobile content

The main challenge was to combine the existing website business logic with the best features utilized by social networks. A great deal of Tipiness website’s functionality was also replicated in the mobile application. Besides, Itransition configured the connection between the iPhone application and the remote server to enable promotions and sales information exchange.

Nearby store and event view

One of the key mobile app’s features, it allows users to check in and receive invitations to relevant events and marketplaces. The in-built GPS module determines the current location of the user and links him or her to a particular item within the social network. Users can also find a nearby sale, comment and share their impressions on each promo event.

User search

The application identifies and highlights both individuals and groups who indicated their interest in certain promotional campaigns and discounts. Based on this, it sends invites to interested prospective buyers on active sales.

Sales location search

Additional search by location was integrated into the system to allow users to buy necessary products within a specific area. It helps save time and increases the chances of a purchase. Moreover, it encourages people to discover new places of interest, new service and exciting products.

Tracking friends’ status in the network

While making purchases, users can watch their friends’ activities such as adding reviews, ranking stores, choosing sales campaigns, identifying the most interesting events, etc.

Unique design elements, UI customization

To increase the uniqueness of the application, Tipi S.A. requested additional changes in the user interface, which however did not particularly meet the standard iOS guidelines. The Itransition’s professional design team revamped a number of the application interface elements so that they offered a more user-friendly and compelling experience, while complying with the App Store requirements for iOS-enabled applications.

Advanced technology mix

  • Cocoa Touch frameworks
  • JSON
  • OAuth
  • Facebook API
  • Twitter API
  • Google Location API

UIKit was used as a basis for the mobile application presentation layer. The business logic layer was built with JSON protocol used for data extraction from the server side. The location-aware features were integrated with Google Location API. Facebook and Twitter API were implemented to allow posting comments in social networks.


Thanks to a host of modules integrated to support key business functions and the unique application look and feel created in line with the customer’s requirements, the application offers an array of powerful features. It provides businesses an opportunity to aggregate and share their information about the organized events and sales promotions, while allowing users to keep up with the latest updates on the local market, source more relevant deals, as well as make more informed decisions on vendor selection based on rankings and user feedback.



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