E-government portal

E-government portal

The project goal was to develop a portal enabling G2C and G2B government services delivery over the Internet.

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The Customer is the leading IT consulting company servicing clients in telecommunications, financial and governmental sectors. The company got involved in a nation-wide project that consisted in embracing web-enabled technologies for public service delivery. The project goal was web portal development. They addressed Itransition to develop portal enabling G2C and G2B government services delivery over the Internet.


G2C & G2B E-Government Services

G2C & G2B e-services arranged by federal executive bodies and by applicant category are available for ordering and status tracking via the web-portal and using mobile devices. The e-services are rendered to the citizens and companies as well as to foreign nationals. The two major functions performed by the system are:

  • processing and delivering the requested e-services to the applicant by e-mail, by mail or in person;
  • receiving and transferring payments to the corresponding service provider/authoritative body.

The e-services developed by the Itransition team include:

  • registration of birth;
  • registration of marriage;
  • application for a passport;
  • registration for educational services;
  • establishment of paternity.


The Itransition team was tasked with development of a number of e-services, the rest of the job done by the Customer in-house.

Technical Implementation

To enable service delivery, portal users register personal accounts upon providing their personal data and indicating the identity verification method (an activation code or an electronic signature). The technology underlying the solution is Java EE. To apply for a service, the user fills in the fields of a form with their personal data. The forms are displayed and validated using FreeMarker Java-based template engine together with jQuery JavaScript library. As soon as the form is filled in and validated, the user presses the Order a service button, and a SOAP request is sent to the system installed at the government agency responsible for service rendering. The service status is returned in response to be further tracked using the personal account.

Communication Challenges And Resolutions

The large-scale nation-wide e-Government project required involvement of multiple vendors and multiple geographically scattered teams. Communication issues posed the major challenge for the Itransition team due to differences in time zones, lack of information on the system updates and delayed responses to arising questions.

The Itransition specialists had to take the responsibility of making a number of important decisions leveraging their extensive hands-on experience, which received particular appreciation on the Customer’s side. Moreover, our team would work extra-hours to perform additional tasks the Customer came up with in the course of development.

Collaboration with system integrators was challenging as well, with certain flaws on the integrator’s part hindering e-services development. Still, the Itransition team did a great job assisting integrators in detecting system errors.