Decision Analytics Suite

The Customer relies on Itransition’s software engineering and QA expertise for boosting the customization and data management capabilities of its online BI tool.


Our Customer, a decision analytics company delivering solutions to thousands of pharmaceutical decision makers in more than 70 countries across the globe, was looking for an experienced software development company who would help to implement a functional uplift of its online flagship analytics suite running on an outdated technology platform.

The enhanced solution was expected to provide a flexible and customizable access to the analytical data like historical measures, physician attitudes, sales results, forecasts, and demographic statistics, pulled together from a variety of disparate information sources.

A comprehensive business analytics solution designed to equip pharmaceutical companies across the globe to gain market insights and make confident business decisions, it posed a major challenge for the team. Within tight timelines, Itransition’s software engineers had to acquire specific knowledge of the pharmaceutical domain and get a thorough understanding of the end-user data sourcing context.


.NET is a proven platform for convenient building and rapid deployment of sophisticated web solutions

Proven Technology For Faster Application Delivery

The Customer suggested using .NET and Itransition fully supported this choice as .NET leverages an array of advanced built-in capabilities like .NET Framework, a comprehensive and consistent object-oriented programming environment; enhanced security, compliance with new and established web standards, etc.

Robust Personalization And Data Management Features

The revamped solution with automated pharmaceutical market data handling and updating processes, spanning market definitions, business rules, as well as harmonization across molecules/regimens, provides for a host of unique features:

  • Custom reporting;
  • Analytical views in the form of charts and tables;
  • Management dashboards;
  • Analytical dashboards;
  • Summary views;
  • Role-based views;
  • Map views;
  • Drag-and-drop interface for simple and fast query creation.
Data sharing:
  • Storage for collections of saved reports for further reuse;
  • Document management;
  • Resource microsite featuring help pages and videos.
  • Export to native MS Office documents, e.g. PowerPoint, Excel;
  • Export to PDF;
  • Security Assertion Markup Language enabling single sign-on.
  • Targeted subscription packages based on various user group needs.
  • Capable of serving up to 2000 concurrent users, the decision analytics suite uses our Customer's underlying data repository consisting of several databases with a 10 – 300 GB capacity each, delivering optimized functionality for data warehousing.

The project was completed on time and on budget to the Customer’s satisfaction. The augmented decision analytics suite with filter-based customization features allows delivering analytics to a diverse set of pharmaceutical users through appropriate types of analytic interfaces and distribution mechanisms. This allows each user group to access particular data sources and reports. Thanks to the added capabilities, analysts now are freed up to focus on more complex challenges.