Dealership Management System for Toyota

Enable all regional branches to work in one information environment Automobile Dealership Management


Business Car Group is a part of Toyota Tsusho Corporation


Business Car Group is the largest dealership in Russia selling and servicing Toyota and Lexus cars, along with supplying spare parts and various accessories.

The Customer had been using the internally developed ERP named TOCIS that supported all commerce-related business processes. While the system worked quite well, however, since all the business processes were hardcoded, modifying the system to add a new dealership center, for instance, or to adjust a business process was prohibitively expensive.

With the course of time the Customer faced the need to re-engineer their business processes to comply according to Toyota’s requirements, and to modify the system accordingly. The Customer made the decision to completely revamp the system and release TOCIS II to achieve the following goals:

  • Reduce the overall TCO of the system;
  • Optimize business process configuration and adjustment;
  • Ensure a simple enablement of new regional branches;
  • Comply with Toyota Service Marketing (TSM) methodology.


Currently, TOCIS II system automates the key business processes of Business Car Ltd – retail and wholesale activities (vehicles, spare parts); after sales service.

The TOCIS II system is built with the use of open source solutions, which eliminates any license payments and leads to the reduction of the total cost of ownership.

The solution is highly adaptive to customer business that ensures process configurability. As the system is web-based, a high level of scalability is ensured — new dealerships are added through mere system customization.

The solution is fully compliant with the requirements of Toyota Service Marketing (TSM), and is officially recommended by Toyota Motor to be implemented on all car dealerships in the CIS that sell Toyota and Lexus cars.


Core Technologies

Having researched the market of outsourced software development services, the Customer selected Itransition as the partner because of the solid experience in building complex mission-critical enterprise-level solutions for companies from various industries spanning from automotive to retail.

One of the challenges was the complete absence of documentation for business processes and the ERP system. That is why the project kicked off with business process analysis and formalization done by Itransition’s business analysts.

As the result, the customer received a comprehensive description of optimized business processes fully compliant with TSM. 200+ business processes were thoroughly described, covering 4,000+ business activities subject to automation, to build a solid ground for further development.

In parallel, Itransition was helping the Customer to select the optimum technology platforms, and worked hard on solution architecture. The technology choice was made based on the customer’s requirements (who wanted to reduce the TCO) and on test results (carried out during prototyping).

We selected our IT partner for this project from numerous possible vendors. Itransition was chosen because they demonstrated a great maturity of processes and a systematic approach to problem solving. We had hardly described an issue, when Itransition specialists already suggested how to solve it.

Aleksey Voronoy, CIO of JV Business Car Co. Ltd.