Client types

Itransition delivers software solutions answering specific challenges of telecommunication companies.

Mobile carriers
Landline service providers
VoIP service providers
Broadcasting companies


Packaged products customization

By providing ad-hoc development and configuration, our team introduces off-the-shelf solutions into your infrastructure.

Custom product engineering

From customer self-service apps to enterprise systems, we engineer tailored solutions that enjoy load‑resistance and security.

Systems integration

We develop middleware for data exchange across network resources, line-of-business apps, external services and remote devices.

Infrastructure management

We set up operational monitoring and analysis solutions, while providing 24/7 support and administration of your infrastructure.

Our customers

Service lifecycle management

From service delivery to customer support, Itransition’s expertise spans across multiple telecom solutions for end-to-end subscriber provisioning. We equip applications with customer intelligence and reporting, supplying you with insight for personalized service offering and revenue analytics.


  • Network inventory
  • Mediation software
  • Security management
  • Service delivery
  • Fault management
  • Traffic flow analysis
  • Service modelling
  • Service delivery
  • Customer engagement
  • Performance management
  • Service enhancement


  • Call centers
  • Debt collection
  • Convergent billing
  • IVR systems
  • Self-service apps
  • Order management

Value-added services

Itransition brings in multi-disciplinary expertise to help you expand beyond the basic service offering. Provision your subscribers with infotainment and utility services that leverage third-party APIs, and benefit from automated accounting and billing.

  • Location-based services
  • Online gaming
  • Media streaming
  • Voice recognition
  • IPTV
  • Telepresence

Network management

Relying on the ISO FCAPS model, we build network management solutions that empower telecom companies to configure and monitor their pool of physical and virtual network resources, while ensuring a high level of service availability, reliability and security.


Network diagnostics, trouble ticketing, network recovery, self-healing


Change management, database orchestration, programmable network provisioning


Network resource distribution across service setups, rule-based billing


Bandwidth utilization, resource availability monitoring and reporting


AAA-based access management, firewall inspection, fraud detection

Addressing telcos imperatives

Service reliability

We deliver performance monitoring, bandwidth stabilization and customer intelligence solutions, to safeguard high level QoS and QoE, minimize connection outage and provide insights for services omnichannel improvement.


To prevent subscriber data from being compromised, Itransition builds intrusion detection and security events management systems, data loss prevention appliances, threat-focused firewalls, while capitalizing on multi-layer data.

Fraud management

Applying data mining and machine learning technologies, we develop fraud detection and revenue assurance systems that continuously analyze behavioral patterns, record call and transaction details, alarm and block fraud.

Enterprise apps

Besides telecom-specific solutions, we implement, deploy and modify custom enterprise systems for operations automation and unified orchestration, and enable data interchange across them.

  • Client portal

    Self-service subscriber invoicing and support

  • ERP

    Workflows arrangement and tracking the output of every investment

  • CRM

    Subscriber data systematization and client history management

  • EDM

    Organized repository of legal, technical and business documentation

  • Partner portal

    Centralized collaboration of distributed peering carriers

Pushing telecom infrastructures to the cloud

Itransition enables cloud architectures to automate resource utilization and service lifecycle management of communication service providers.

By developing ad-hoc middleware, our experts perform network functions virtualization, disburdening clients from having custom hardware appliances for each network function and assuming elastic scalability that cloud platforms offer.

Enterprise service bus

Telecom ESB provides for data synchronization across disparate business critical systems — monitoring and analytical systems, network administration solutions, enterprise apps, client and partner portals.

We have the right expertise to implement a custom messaging bus leveraging REST, SOAP and HTTP protocols, that will streamline your operations and reduce human errors.

Network management
Service delivery management
Partner management
Self-service portal
Payment gateway
Debt collection

Quality assurance

Itransition’s Telecom QA Center of Excellence utilizes a complex testing framework to safeguard compliance of telecom solutions with industry standards, regulations and your business direction.

  • Acceptance testing
  • Integration testing
  • GAP analysis
  • Security testing
  • Performance testing
  • Test automation