Itransition gets Pega certifications

Itransition gets Pega certifications

August 21, 2020

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London, UK ⎯ August 21, 2020 ⎯ Itransition, a global software engineering services provider, announced today its staff have received certificates of achievement in recognition of their successful completion of Pega Certified System Architect and Business Architect certifications. This is another step for Itransition to become a mature and reliable provider in the Pega-serviced domain.

The Pega Certified System Architect is awarded to specialists striving to develop Pega-based applications and assesses the Pega cloud platform knowledge. To be certified, developers take the System Architect Essentials course at the Pega Academy and pass the exam.

The Pega Certified Business Architect is focused on creating and designing Pega-based applications. Certified specialists confirm essential skills needed for analyzing, developing, and designing business requirements and specifications within Pega-based apps. The certification is awarded upon completion of the Business Architect Essentials course and a passed exam.

The two certification exams cover the following blocks: Pega Platform, Case Management, Data Modeling, Validation, Information Exchange, User Interface, Application Development, and Reporting. The questions vary depending on the certification’s focus, such as the technical one for System Architects and that on business analysis for Business Architects.

In addition to its current set of BPM capabilities and tools, Itransition is building a strong team of developers to offer the Pega platform customization, configuration, administration, and consulting services. With our assistance, the platform enterprise users can set up workflow automation as well as increase transparency and agility in their daily operations. Our Pega-certified experts identify customers’ existing business process management inefficiencies, draw up an automation roadmap, and establish BPM processes to enable enterprise-wide digital transformation.

The certification was in part possible thanks to Itransition’s BPM Center of Excellence established in 2017 and based on the BPM experience we have been gaining since the 2000s. Intended to deliver value-added services and offer the most suited technology stacks to our customers, the Center members continuously acquire relevant expertise and share accumulated knowledge company-wide. Our BPM experts monitor existing and emerging BPM platforms to offer up-to-date solutions, develop PoCs and reusable elements, train and certify BPM specialists, and collaborate with specialists from related centers of excellence to create integrated solutions.

For the last 20+ years, Itransition has been growing a portfolio of successful BPM projects, and we plan to extend this expertise with the help of Pega-certified experts leading new projects.

  • We participated in creating a BPM solution for a leading European bank, reducing the new product release cycle by half.
  • Our BPM experts also assisted an insurance service provider with workflow automation and acceleration through digital transformation.
  • In another of Itransition’s BPM projects, automating business processes for a British company specializing in clinical care solutions resulted in minimized operations time, increased productivity, and doubled cost savings.
  • A real estate company gained a 10% sales cycle reduction and a 15% increase in sales conversion rates by turning to Itransition’s team.
  • Our BPM automation suite for a large European furniture manufacturer brought a 21% sales growth for the business.

Any successful enterprise needs a solid business process management strategy that automates and accelerates its operations to focus on the business itself and successfully compete on the market. Knowing that, we at Itransition’s Center of Excellence keep up-to-date with the latest developments in BPM platforms, software products, and tools to provide the best solutions to our customers. When it comes to our further collaboration, we are considering forming a partnership with Pega, as well as some other important BPM-oriented companies that help our customers on the road to digital transformation.

Ivan Kot

Ivan Kot

Head of BPM Center of Excellence at Itransition