Itransition becomes a UiPath business partner

Itransition becomes a UiPath business partner

March 14, 2019

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London, UK, March 14, 2019 ⎯ Itransition, a global software services provider, joined the UiPath Business Partner Program, by confirming its expertise in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The status of a Silver Business Partner proves Itransition’s ability to deliver enterprise-level RPA solutions and services, confirmed by successfully delivered projects, RPA Center of Excellence, and UiPath certified specialists on board.

The business opportunity for RPA vendors is exploding. According to Forrester, the market for RPA is going up to $2.9 billion with over 60% CAGR through 2021. The anticipated growth will cover a wide range of enterprise processes, forcing companies to reevaluate the way they handle their business operations. It has already proved its potential in such industries as HR Services, Finance and Accounting, Supply Chain, and IT Services.

UiPath, a leader in RPA according to Forrester and Everest Group, enables businesses to effectively build enterprise-level AI and machine learning capabilities, eliminating routine and repetitive tasks and automating numerous business functions.

UiPath Business Partner Program is aimed at helping businesses effectively leverage the UiPath RPA platform, develop proof of concepts, and deliver innovative solutions that exploit RPA capabilities. The program provides UiPath partners with extensive training, available both online and in-person, and helps them integrate their solutions with UiPath technologies. By joining the program, businesses receive unlimited access to UiPath sales and delivery enablement tools and resources.

Itransition received an official status of UiPath Business Partner by proving its ability to harvest RPA potential and deliver effective solutions on top of the UiPath platform. The assessment criteria were based on the number of qualified UiPath-certified developers, solution architects, engineers, implementation managers, business analysts, and sales representatives; as well as an RPA practice business plan, an internal RPA delivery/implementation documentation, an internal RPA training program for employees, and referenceable customers.

Since 2017, Itransition has had a dedicated Center of Excellence where we have accumulated and documented RPA expertise to implement ad-hoc RPA solutions and provide better customer service. Our specialists share experiences with one another, conduct experiments, incubate and test RPA solutions.

Itransition provides a full range of RPA services, including analysis and planning, implementation and deployment, support and adjustment. We start any project with the customer’s business process analysis, identifying which processes should be automated and which tasks require human intervention. For the rule-based processes with a low exception rate, we implement and configure software bots that are capable of automating a wide range of services, including back-office routines, customer service, infrastructure operations, and data manipulation. For the processes that require human-to-human interaction or are easier to do manually, we involve our back-office team. In case a business process includes a lot of exceptions and it is impossible to robotize it, Itransition offers an optimal human + robot model, which comprises a combination of RPA tools and manual task processing. Taking this approach, Itransition develops and implements a software bot that performs tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks while the back-office team completes the tasks that either cannot be robotized or require human intervention.

Itransition has been continuously leveraging the fast growing RPA opportunities to deliver world-class solutions and help our customers embark on digital transformation. We are excited to partner with UiPath to strengthen our digital transformation services and provide more opportunities to our customers. Together, we will be able to gain a competitive advantage in this fast-growing technology sector and provide greater value to customers by automating their business processes and replacing routine and repetitive tasks with a virtual workforce.

Vladislav Nikitin

Vladislav Nikitin

CTO of Itransition

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UiPath is an enterprise RPA vendor with 450+ customers and 10 offices globally. The world’s top industry independent analyst firms, including Forrester, Everest, and HfS, recognize UiPath as a leader in RPA. UiPath RPA platform is a complete business automation solution that enables businesses to benefit from rapid ROI, enhanced processes, better customer experience, routine tasks automation, improved service delivery, and cost reduction.