Itransition becomes an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Itransition becomes an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

February 25, 2021

Press Office


Itransition has upgraded its AWS Consulting partner status from Select to Advanced, confirming our company’s increased level of competence in building and delivering AWS solutions. To qualify for the Advanced partner status, Itransition has met AWS requirements by confirming our knowledge, experience, and customer success. Itransition also collected customer feedback and references and drew up a business plan that was agreed with AWS.

Itransition has been delivering enterprise-level AWS-based solutions since 2008. Starting from 2017, Itransition has been part of the AWS Partner Network, leveraging the know-hows and services provided by Amazon to deliver value-added solutions to our customers.

Over the past years, Itransition has successfully implemented multiple AWS projects, encompassing infrastructure setup, application optimization, migration to AWS, multi-faceted on-demand implementations, replication in the cloud, etc. 

For example, we helped ensure business continuity and better user experience for The Economist, an international digital media publisher, operating hundreds of microsites for both internal business units and external readers. Our specialists handled their DevOps infrastructure optimization and developed and upgraded the scripts/templates to build the customer’s microsites automatically. As a result, 200+ microsites are now deployed automatically, while the customer enjoys $50k+ in yearly AWS infrastructure cost savings. 

Another customer of ours is AiBUY, a US-based startup that owns an interactive video-based ecommerce platform, which allows businesses to sell products during video playback. The customer wanted to improve the platform scalability, increase productivity, and streamline delivery cycles. Itransition helped AiBUY gradually turn their monolith architecture into a microservice-based one utilizing AWS services. Today, the ecosystem of the project includes 12 environments running independently and containing more than 30 individual microservices, serverless lambdas, frontend SPAs, etc. Among other project outcomes achieved are 3.2x shorter time to market​, 2.5x higher productivity, and 30-minute release deployments.

To develop and accumulate AWS expertise and help our customers get the most out of AWS capabilities, Itransition established a company-wide AWS Center of Excellence (CoE). There, we explore new opportunities and develop solutions for speeding up time-to-market. Within the CoE, our experts also develop PoCs and reusable elements while maintaining a knowledge base to offer effective solutions and quickly onboard new AWS developers.

Within the scope of our ever-expanding AWS service offerings, we perform AWS consulting, from cloud strategy development to AWS optimization; full-cycle migration of apps and infrastructure to AWS; and AWS development to build cloud-first and cloud-native solutions. We have been continuously investing in AWS certifications and accreditations of our specialists, so we now have certified AWS Developers, Solution Architects​, Security Specialists​, DevOps Engineers​, Cloud Practitioners​, and SysOps Administrators on board.

Progressing through the AWS partnership tiers not only enhances Itransition’s visibility in the AWS Partner Network, but also opens up new opportunities in our joint business development with AWS. The new partner status will help us expand our AWS expertise by unlocking more benefits of available training, programs, tools, resources, and support to help us build, market, and sell our consulting and engineering services, which will eventually result in better business outcomes for our clients.