Panoptes Digital and Itransition partner to boost PD AssetTracker product line

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Panoptes Digital, a supply chain and logistics management solution provider, today announced selecting Itransition as a strategic software development services vendor. The companies are working together on evolution of PD AssetTracker, Panoptes Digital’s major product line,  utilizing the results of beta testing, early customer feedback and requests, along with Itransition’s expertise.  Itransition is to deliver a more robust product  fully reflecting Panoptes Digital’s mission to build a new way for businesses to utilize and develop their supply chain.

Increased customer interest has allowed us to move forward with an outside software vendoe that will help us to rapidly accelerate the pace of our developement. To that end we have retained Itransition as a perfect partner to help is handle our current opportunities and to assist us with future growth. The newest version of PD AssetTracker will also assist us ot further develop our separately branded anti-counterfeiting and immediate recall notice product lines which will also be handed by Itransition.


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About Panoptes Digital

Panoptes Digital was founded in 2013 by a core group of professionals with years of experience in a wide variety of domestic and international industries and public sector service, including: Information and physical security, logistics, software development, implementation and management, legal compliance, law enforcement, military and national security.  The Panoptes team is also uniquely experienced in pharmaceutical and supply chain compliance and security, and is growing its existing logistics “big data” capture, management, and analytics capabilities.