Itransition Received Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status

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Together with the Gold Certified Status Itransition also earned Custom Development Solutions and Mobility Solutions competences, and a new competence of Information Worker Solutions (Portals and Collaboration specialization). The competences identify partner’s strong points related to specific Microsoft technologies.

By being aligned with Microsoft at the highest level, Itransition will use this relationship to add value to the relationships with its clients. Companies look to Itransition to develop, implement, customize and integrate Microsoft-based solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, CMS and web portals on MS SharePoint. The new Portals and Collaboration specialization proves Itransition ability to build dynamic information solutions that improve collaboration using SharePoint.

We are very delighted that Itransition has been recognized by high standards set by the Microsoft Gold Certification Partner program. Now our experience of working with Microsoft technologies for many years and invariably high quality of solutions we built on their base have been appreciated both by our customers and by industry gurus. The accomplishment is commendable, especially taking into consideration that only a small number of Microsoft’s partners numbering hundreds of thousands ever reach the Gold Certified status.

Sergey Gvardeitsev