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Machine learning in retail: upgrading to a better version of your store

By Nadejda Alkhaldi
Discover new opportunities machine learning brings to retail, improve the efficiency of your processes and personalize customer interactions. Read more

Machine learning in healthcare: solving challenges in innovative ways

By Nadejda Alkhaldi
Find out how machine learning personalizes patient care, alleviates pressure off doctors, and opens opportunities for innovative medical research. Read more

Blockchain interoperability explained, with examples from supply chain

By Nadejda Alkhaldi
Want to use blockchain, but not sure how to tackle blockchain interoperability? Understand the concept and the benefits it brings to your business. Read more

Internet of Medical Things: 4 use cases to enhance your healthcare facility operations

By Nadejda Alkhaldi
Learn how the Internet of Medical Things can increase the satisfaction of your patients, improve internal processes and staff allocation. Read more

4 Ways to incorporate AI in fintech to improve your customer-facing practices

By Nadejda Alkhaldi
Discover how using AI in fintech can help your financial institution to develop a tailored approach to every customer, and put you customer interaction in a more positive light. Read more

Telehealth solutions: use cases and technology breakdown

By Nadejda Alkhaldi
Understand the applications and the technology behind telehealth solutions. Appreciate the place it is gaining among healthcare practices and make your investment choice. Read more