Inga Shugalo

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AR in healthcare: from medical training to patient education

By Inga Shugalo
AR in healthcare is making headlines by transforming invasive procedures, ADT processes, medical training, and post-discharge support for patients. Read more

VR in healthcare: treating patients in virtual and real worlds

By Inga Shugalo
VR in healthcare creates an immersive environment to help patients recover from brain trauma, manage chronic pain, and overcome phobia. Read more

Challenge and opportunity of precision medicine

By Inga Shugalo
We review precision medicine benefits and challenges to define whether personalized healthcare is just around the corner. Read more

How to adopt predictive modeling in healthcare painlessly

By Inga Shugalo
Predictive modeling in healthcare promises to power readmission prevention and cut decision-making costs. We explain how to adopt it without trouble. Read more

Discovering diagnostic potential of healthcare IoT

By Inga Shugalo
We review the diagnostic side of IoT in healthcare across home and clinical applications. Read more