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A patient engagement platform: making it a success

By Inga Shugalo
A patient engagement platform may help increase providers’ revenue. But how to make it a success? Check out our tips. Read more

Clinical decision support software: facilitating adoption

By Inga Shugalo
Clinical decision support software speeds up decision-making, and yet its adoption lags behind. We look into the ways to facilitate it. Learn more Read more

How to maximize the value and adoption of health wearables

By Inga Shugalo
In healthcare, health wearables may power personalized treatment and preventive medicine. But how to boost their user adoption? Read on to learn more. Read more

A starter’s guide to running a healthcare SaaS startup

By Inga Shugalo
Getting started with a healthcare SaaS startup is a tough task. We’ve gathered some tips to help you avoid common pitfalls. Read on to learn more. Read more

A guide to overcoming EHR implementation roadblocks

By Inga Shugalo
EHR implementation is a complex process loaded with challenges. We present some tips to smoothen your EHR deployment. Have a look. Read more

Patient engagement technology: a step-by-step transformation guide

By Inga Shugalo
The array of patient engagement technologies is growing steadily. But how to choose a solution that works? We offer a step-by-step guide. Check it out. Read more

5 ways automation in healthcare saves clinicians’ time

By Inga Shugalo
Learn how healthcare automation with NLP, RPA, predictive analytics and more intelligent tools frees up medics to treat more patients, faster. Read more

Big data-powered precision medicine: exciting applications, challenges, and takeoff tips

By Inga Shugalo
Learn how precision medicine can transform cancer treatment and organ replacement and find your way around precision medicine software. Read more

How patients and providers benefit from remote patient monitoring solutions

By Inga Shugalo
Remote patient monitoring solutions can capture early signs of heart failure and save diabetic patients from amputation. Find more about what RPM has to offer. Read more
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