Global Outsourcing 100

Global Outsourcing 100

Itransition has been listed among the world’s top outsourcing service providers in the annual Global Outsourcing 100 program since 2006. The listing is compiled yearly by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP®) and is known as one of the most authoritative rankings of companies providing outsourcing services worldwide

The regular inclusion of Itransition in the Global Outsourcing 100 list is the validation of our status as a professional IT outsourcing services provider. Year by year, Itransition has been improving its position in the listing, finally moving from the Rising Stars category into the Leaders in 2018. In 2019, when IAOP launched the Best of the GO100 program to showcase the outsourcing industry’s evolution over the last decade, Itransition was ranked in the Best of Leaders category. In 2020, Itransition received such distinctions as Sustained Excellence and All Star, recognizing the company’s attainment of stars in all four judging categories


Itransition earns All Star, Sustained Excellence, and Outsourcing Service Areas distinctions

In 2021, Itransition entered the Global Outsourcing Top 100 list for the 15th consecutive year, receiving best scores in such categories as Customer References, Company Certification, and Programs for Corporate Social Responsibility. Itransition once again earned the All Star and Sustained Excellence distinctions, in addition to receiving a distinction in Outsourcing Service Areas, being marked in such categories as Industry-Specific Services and Information/Communication Technology.

Itransition ranked top company for:
Customer ReferencesCompany CertificationPrograms for Corporate Social Responsibility
Vladislav Nikitin

Vladislav NikitinCTO, Itransition

We are very proud to be recognized among the top software services providers by IOAP. We’ve been continually advancing our expertise, exploring innovative solutions, and improving processes, aiming to bring maximum value to our clients. Therefore, we are pleased to receive the highest scores in the Customer References category, which highlights our excellence in customer service delivery.

About AIOP’s methodology and scoring

To ensure unbiased judging, the independent panel of customers, business executives and academic researches evaluates the program applicants according to four categories:

Each category includes questions scored from 0 to 8 based on the predefined criteria. By answering the questions, all ranking applicants get the initial scores that are then weighed depending on their importance for each category (Leaders, Rising Stars, and Advisors). The weighted average score is further adjusted by the independent panel of judges. The final score represents a combination of weighted and adjusted scores ranging from 0 to 8 points.

With this ranking system, the Global Outsourcing 100 listing helps businesses easily identify and choose the most suitable outsourcing partners. Collaborating with the world’s best outsourcing providers is what lets companies nurture their organizational processes and evolve technologically, in order to improve the quality of their services and products.

The infographics below puts together Itransition’s journey in the Global Outsourcing 100 Program from 2010 till now.

Awards and Certifications
Customer References

The business value that the outsourcing service providers delivered to their customers

Awards and Certifications

Proved recognitions and certificates that an outsourcer received within the outlined period of time

Programs for Innovation

The ability of the contenders to create new forms of value for their customers through specific innovation programs

Corporate Social Responsibility

Implemented corporate initiatives and projects aimed at improving labor conditions, stimulating positive environmental impact, and raising the standards of enterprise governance

Awards and Certifications


Itransition receives All Star and Sustained Excellence distinctions

2020 is the 14th consecutive year of Itransition being included into the Global Outsourcing Top 100 list. The company received the highest scores in four categories: Customer References, Company Awards, Company Certification, and Programs for Innovation.

  • Itransition’s score


  • Industry average


Debi Hamill

Debi HamillCEO, IAOP

Buyers understand there are hundreds of qualified service providers and advisors out there, but what they need to understand now is what makes each one exceptional. The Global Outsourcing 100 list has done just that. We’re proud to recognize Itransition for being among these companies this year.

CTO, Itransition

Vladislav NikitinCTO, Itransition

We are proud that our programs for innovation received the highest score in the 2020 Global Outsourcing Top 100 list, which is a testament to the value of innovations we deliver to our clients. We bring domain knowledge, software development industry best practices, and our R&D-centric mindset, which together formed our approach to innovation.

About IAOP

About IAOP

IAOP is a global association that connects the key players of a large outsourcing market, including providers, advisors and their worldwide customers since 2005. The IAOP unites over 100,000 members and affiliates and propels them to the ongoing knowledge sharing and collaboration. IAOP activities are to help their members to grow their expertise and understanding of each other’s needs, and, as a result, improve their business outcomes. Having launched the Global Outsourcing 100 listing, IAOP inaugured the standards of the outsourcing sector. IAOP’s effort fosters service providers to constantly improve their outsourcing practices and use outsourcing services as the essential enabler of business and technology innovation.

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