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Our differentiators

R&D program

We have established R&D labs, where we monitor and pilot emerging technologies, develop prototypes and proofs of concept. Any company employee can suggest their project for development and testing.

Competency centers

Itransition has company-wide competency centers, including Enterprise resource planning, SAP Customer Experience, Business intelligence, Force.com, and Business process management. Within these centers, our employees aggregate industry and technology expertise, evaluate technology potential, and elaborate concepts.

Employee certification

Itransition offers a certification support program, which enables our employees to pass exams (e.g. Microsoft, Google Cloud, AWS, Adobe, Salesforce, Atlassian, UiPath, SAP, Odoo, Scrum.org, etc.) at the company’s expense.

Conferences & events

We hold an annual practical IT Works conference and organize employee participation in international events for expertise exchange. We also have internal workshops, webinars, UX, BA, and developer meetups, during which our experts share technology and methodology findings.


We are focused on the engagement and motivation of our employees, so we do our best to create a positive environment and great working conditions for our teams.

corporate certification support program, which enables our employees to pass exams at the company’s expense

thematic events and conferences, including international conferences and internal workshops, webinars, and meetups

extended social package with medical insurance, sport compensation, English classes with native speakers, relocation program, etc.

corporate and teambuilding events, including both in-person and online




hold BS, MS, or PhD diplomas


work with Itransition for 2+ years


plan to stay in Itransition

What our employees say

We are focused on the engagement and motivation of our employees, so we do our best to create a positive environment and great working conditions for our teams.

I am a .Net developer with 10 years of experience. I got hired by Itransition company quite by an accident. I was invited to a job interview, and I though it would be good to “warm up” before doing a more serious one. But at the end of a day I was completely won over by the ease everything went with. I do not regret anything. Itransition added a truly tangible momentum to my career that - tbh - had seemed to slip a bit. Here I met real professionals (not solely developers btw), from whom you can learn a lot, both technical aspects and general approaches. I like the fact that technology-wise, Itransition is doing its best to be on the cutting edge of progress thus keeping me aligned to current trends.


I really can feel the overall level of proffessionalism within the company. Itransition’s people are very qualified, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I call them masters of their trade. Managers are very friendly, they take care of each single employee without any exceptions, all the questions are resolved quickly. The office is good, I wouldn’t say that it’s located conveniently, but there is a great kitchen in the office with a coffee machine, and the metro station is close. The salary is paid on time, which is obviously very important too.


I am very happy I joined Itransition. Here I have met a lot of very nice people who are always ready to help and share their knowledge and experience. Be sure that you will not be alone - Itransition is one big family.


Working for Itransition here, in Uzbekistan, goes with many benefits - well-equipped private space in our co-working place, low taxes, warm climate, and the ability to work from any place being employed by an Uzbekistanian employer. The country is awesome, combines many beautiful places to see, like lakes, deserts, and mountains, with the pros of modern society. Dishes of the national cuisine of Uzbekistan make me think I'll need to take classes on how to cook them myself.


I’ve been working as a Project Manager at Itransition. This is the place where you can get a lot of professional experience, and improve both your hard and soft skills. Plus every day you work with amazing people in a friendly atmosphere of mutual understanding. All colleagues here are very supportive, help handle any issue and understand each other, there are no prohibited topics, you can discuss everything. All your achievements are appreciated. And I should mention our teambuilding parties - they all are marvellous !;-)


I came to Itransition from a small product-focused team. It's a large company with well-defined development and team communication processes. Being a truly global company, Itransition gives me the opportunity to work being thousands of kilometers away from my team. Very pleasant atmosphere, everyone can give you a hand.


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We deliver software solutions using both established technologies and tools like C++, .NET, RoR, Python, PHP, and Java, as well as technology trends like Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Machine Learning.

Our employees can choose technological directions they like, study new technologies independently and in interest groups, and practice their skills on real projects. You will not just write software with us. You will be part of teams that help customers digitally transform their businesses.

Selected customers

During 20+ years on the market, Itransition completed 1530+ projects and worked with global companies from different industries. Working with companies of different scale and domain allows our employees to practice their skills and gain unique experience developing full-featured solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.

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