Customer Relationship Management

Itransition delivers CRM solutions for managing sales and distribution activities, marketing and consumer campaigns, customer service and care. The result is a powerful business tool smoothly integrated into the corporate infrastructure for effective customer relationship management and ultimate customer service.

Though the technological part of CRM project is very important for its success we build a business-oriented solution based on customer's specific business requirements. Itransition considers different options for CRM implementation and provides consulting on CRM software architecture and technology choice:

  • a brand new custom software;
  • CRM platform customization (MS Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM);
  • Integration and migration with SaaS  (e.g.

See CRM case studies below to find out more about each CRM solution we have developed for our customers. You can find out more about the customer relationship management solutions we are able to provide by contacting our representative.

MS Dynamics CRM Customization for a Software Development Company

  • Country:USA
  • Industry:Software Publishing
  • Business Challenge:Integration of marketing, sales, and production processes in the organization

The customer, an international software development company with multiple locations and development centers, came to Itransition with a need for a new CRM solution. Having experienced a tremendous growth in both sales locations and the clients base, the customer grew increasingly displeased with the existing CRM system based on IBM Rational ClearQuest, which could no longer satisfy the growing demands of the sales and marketing departments, as was limited in functionality and required a fair amount of user training and costly support.

CRM System for a Marketing Company

  • Country:Germany
  • Industry:Marketing
  • Business Challenge:Automation and optimization of the sales workflow to further increase the business revenue

The CRM system developed for a German marketing company has successfully replaced the out-of-date legal system. The solution improved product efficiency and increased business revenue due to better organizing time management and sales cycle through automated processes and reminders.

Estimating, Costing and Dispatching System for Construction Industry

  • Country:France
  • Industry:Construction
  • Business Challenge:Replacement of an outdated solution to keep number one position on the market of specialized ERP solutions

The project scope was to develop a scalable ERP application for LAN and wide area networks and at the same time enhance and enrich its functionality, adding such major functions as CRM, Dispatch, Inventory Management, Timekeeping and Payroll, Accounting, Statistical Reports, PDA, etc.